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RSSArchive for June, 2013

I Came On The Cloud

June 28/29, 2013 ‘I came on the cloud that I came on’, said my soul, ‘You tell me stories and I abide by your investments, I engineer your savoring for what’s next’, said my soul. Breathing in air, feeling the ling of the fee for having feelings, how the boat dips side to side in […]

Unfathomable Quests

June 28, 2013 Unfathomable quests to fall up into Love’s center, to reason, then unreason the contemplation of a hummingbird’s egg-deposit, drying in the air, sometimes unattended; holy trust, holy must, The way a tree doesn’t forget its wedding rings within the endless chapel surging, budding, unfolding, fruiting, Nature’s red-breasted robin, silent, poised and regal, […]

Dancing At The Edge Of The Emerald Jungle

June 25, 2013   Dancing at the edge of the emerald jungle, welcoming the Rain’s round bodies, your diamonds laughing, my sapphires flying, You held out your hand, I said, ‘Thank you’ before the storm set in, I saw a rainbow as your crown and you mentioned that I had the same, Dancing at the […]

Red Rose In The Rain

June 24, 2013 Red rose in the rain, Patchwork quilt and the tidiness of shinny railroad tracks leading to your water-tower, The way the head tilts when interest stays inside, The young turtle safely tucked behind its holy drawbridges while within the prayer hands of a raccoon, The way the heart leaps when the old […]

As I Am I Move

June 21, 2013 As I am I move into the foliage, from the earthenware, into the flames that heat the tea-water and thee, I am the song set to the quiet monarch butterfly, I am the secret of the nestled dove whose momentary kingdoms adopt tall grasses for towers and prairie grounds for courtyards yet […]

All The Airplanes

June 20, 2013 All the airplanes we folded and flew, the meadows we roamed and the door-less houses we stepped into, how the sky touched our eyes and how we rubbed regret away with our smiles’ appetite for adventure and discovery, The wax-bottomed paper boats sailing in circles and invisible-sea-captain-straight-lines, how the sea foams up […]

The White Rose Said

June 8, 2013 The white rose said to the old man, “You’ve been looking for me inside yourself for a long time.” The old man replied, ‘Yes, I’ve given you to many, even left you anonymously on several steps and window seals, hoping that my love would be accepted, cared for and appreciated.’ “How does […]

Every Flower-Cluster

June 6, 2013 Every flower-cluster is a spirit-child’s portrait, Each puddle is an ocean dreaming it can be contained in the space it requires to reflect your whole face, Each pinecone is a listener of worry and fascination, it sprouts, giving oxygen to tightness and seeds to self-sake-soil, Each memory is an entrance, a key […]

The Moon

November, 2012 The white goose on the moon, The white diamond on the moon, The white emerald on the moon, The white sun blossoming on the moon, The white cobra uncoiling to embrace the moon, The white bear stretching to hug the moon, The white giraffe looking up at the moon, The white gorilla beating […]

Love Grants

June 6, 2013 Love grants and gives in secret, depositing gifts in dreams and into darknesses on the peripheral of what is seen in slumber, The oak tree reaches towards its mother-earth and father-sky, existing, ring after ring, church tower after church tower, forest fire after forest fire, A stone ring marking not heaven above, […]