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RSSArchive for July, 2013

I’ve Returned To You

July 15, 2013 ‘I’ve returned to you, One thousand childhoods deep, I’ve returned to you, Fountain of smiles, sands of miles, Forest of forever, Friend to mice who pull splinters from lion’s paws, King-queen of ethereal palaces covered in luminescent mosses, Gatherer of salamanders from quiet pond- floors, Footsteps beneath Autumn’s leaves, Teacup steeping in […]

It Was Yours

July 14, 2013 It was yours to have gotten your self into, the silk belonged to another, Daybreak revealed two doves near a roadway, I heard a doe making a sound I’d never encountered before, while the California poppies seemed dissolved of the orange puzzle they once were; I stood in the field of withering […]

I Move

July 11, 2013 I move from branch to branch, the chances I take ‘take’ me too, the sun rises outside my lair, I am a soul wearing a gown called ‘owl’, I clutch, I look through and through, what I love, I am, what I am, I am loved for being such an ‘I am’.

On A Summit

July 10, 2013 On a summit standing alone, unoccupied by footprints or flags, nests or a sage’s cave, one lone ray of light vibrates in the mist, one reflection of Love grants one solidification of wish.

Morning Calls The Coin Toss

July 7, 2013 Morning calls the coin toss, while roses claim the dream, a lioness drinks from the riverside, stepping stones appear, leading out of his heart, A vista clutches his view, child of love, king of breaking curfew, prince of pricelessness, wanderer of childhood and collector of letting go, Green grasses and the generosity […]

I Opened The Door

July 5, 2013 I opened the door, a rectangle made from nature, the view, garnets and emeralds on fire with curiosity and baby-names, A planet winked its eye, a living will decided not to die, the wondrousness of a rushing river laid down in the valley of my untold story and a rainbow proposed to […]