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RSSArchive for August, 2013

Unokeeth: A Description Of A Sculpture I Recently Completed ~ April/May 2013

Unokeeth A maternity goddess and Gaian priestess of Eden or womb. A conjurer of dream symbolism specific to the quality of the embryonic environment while the human was forming, that pregnancy influence upon the child originating from the quality of relationship between mother and father, cultural stresses, the mother’s state of mind and nutritional health, […]

Staying Beside The Vulnerability

August 5, 2013 Staying beside the vulnerability of the lakeside within me, Merging, not colliding, in the blueness of that sky who holds inside itself swan flight and firefly eyes, Starlight laughter and cotton field pleasures, the innate leisure of a tortoise asleep in the strawberry patch, The shooting star reflected in a wide awake […]