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RSSArchive for May, 2014

It Took Place In The Early Hours

May 14, 2014 It took place in the early hours upon the Emerald Forest’s floor, near the Sweetheart Wells. There are two such wells in Rememberland, one labeled ‘Now’ and another ‘Then.’ A strong breeze picked up a picnic blanket from Somewhere; it could be seen flying through the air, across chasms of dark granite […]

The Conjoining Mist

May 8, 2014 The conjoining mist, The ruby choir of violin-playing begins so to test the cave-wall’s integrity when saturated with Love’s listening, Love’s rest, A diamond-lined wishing well with thumping hearts covered in wide open eyes look up from its bottom, wherein a glistening stream flows and fairies sit on well-wall-ledges fishing for Falling-in-love, […]