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RSSArchive for August, 2014

Turkey Vulture

August 21, 2014 I’m remembering or Remembering is hosting me in its heart, This realm of circular orbits and quiet omissions of being able to walk away, just like that, like a four-leaf-clover appearing in the dark, amongst a field of three-leafed ones, not singing or glowing, not lost or found, neither lucky or unlucky, […]

A Turtle In The Shade

October 17/18, 2013 A turtle in the shade, A shadow looking like a turtle in the shade, Shadows looking into the shade at the turtle eating a strawberry near Midnight, Midnight stopping the clock to paint the rapids white, An old man in the park parked and admiring his friend’s chess maneuver, King to Pawn, […]

Forgiveness’s Quiet Unclothing, Quiet Moth and Trepidation’s Steady Chisel

August 7/8, 2014 Forgiveness’s quiet unclothing of Decadence, The shield made out of thin air, forged air, Tempered and sharpened air. ________ Quiet moth kissing the bright light, Quiet call to let go, Quiet paw prints on a moss path, Quiet avalanche love-calling the rescue of Saint Bernard. ___________ Trepidation’s steady chisel against the granite […]