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RSSArchive for 2015

Reconciling, One Foot In Front Of The Other

December 20, 2015 Reconciling, one foot in front of the other, Witnessing, while the Rain pours me a glass of red-dress to clothe you in, Naked forest, disguised as a human being, Once solidity, twice ether, once kissed and a million times born around the number 1, I’m holding you in my arms, supported by […]

Light and Dark

December 10, 2015 Light and Dark, Eyes open, then their lids, like Grace’s window- shades letting themselves down, Like two virgins’ wedding gowns, Naked, red-veined transparencies looking in on the King and Queen, the orbs of sight, the Emperors of recognizing staying and flight, We dream ourselves into the world, We are the homeless and […]

Wondering Chickadee

December 9, 2015 Wondering chickadee, lamplight kisser in broad daylight, hula-hoop stripper in gentle sandstorm twisters, Limb hopper and nibbler on the corners of Fate’s sweet aphid-alluring lips, these rainy days and how I forget, Sunbeam miner, chorus reminder, that which binds him and reminds her, Tiny eggs in transient baskets, This titanium, heart-beating rose-filled […]


December 8, 2015 Wetlands, nighttime farmlands, these hands, The taste of your armor, the amour, the hidden sore and the boarded up linen & lace stores, The feel of your footprint’s pressing down into me and lifting out, suckling and pulling at the creamy whiteness of we, me and thee, How you saw seeing, how […]

An Open Window

December 6, 2015 An open window with its screen ajar, cat fur pointing out and wrapping around In, A light blue crib gently swaying side to side, five fingers spread wide to the ceiling’s faithfulness to shelter, make-believe and daily sincerity, The ripples in the leaf covered pond, salamanders basking in moonlit, ruby-lined caves aglow, […]

Between Complete Darkness And Dawn

December 1, 2015 Between complete darkness and dawn, a white cabin stands in a honey-colored forest, Built from bones, seashells, chalk, egg casings and pearls, Held together by the talc-salve that both harpy and mermaid use upon their newborns, Its chimney is puffing, thick, musical clouds of ash and departure, These soar into the starry-eyed […]

I’m Inviting Me To Remember You

November 29, 2015 I’m inviting me to remember you, How, as a blue jay you unfolded your wings and wrapped them around my aching throat, How, as a storm you soothed the desert of a sandstorm day, How, as a whisper you cushioned the Thunder’s wardrobe of squalls, And as an alligator you sunbathed in […]

Strong Tiger

November 23/28, 2015 Strong tiger. The wind whipped battlefields, broken tree branches, whole twigs, dripping stalactites way down deep and how the glowing yellow skeleton reaches out, eternally-looking from its half moon-boat for the only true coin you’ve ever known, How it fits perfectly in that round indentation thereon its see-through, white kaleidoscopic hand, Its […]

Can I Say This?

November 21, 2015 Can I say this? ‘Oh, yes, let it out lover, just let it flow from your pulsing lips. Get over here and spill it into The Void, the missed promises, the old shoes, the delinquent new shoes, the mistakes, the dead birds and the cracked windshields, the hot water where the cold […]


November 20, 2015 Closeness; the breathing of suspended stars, A tight hug; holding on for a little bit longer than the customary margin, Dolphins brushing your thighs as the tides restore and subside, Urchins, starfish, coral reefs and that invisible overflow valve set deep behind your rib cage’s gateway, You’re the clear glass holding the […]