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RSSArchive for 2015

A Conjuration

November 19, 2015 A conjuration, a rationing of the tiny, An unveiling of the white blanket, folded and tucked neatly beneath the naked Antique’s quest for a dust-negligee, A sliver of The Witness, A jaw drop prior to the rainbow’s fading, A sound that stops the profound, The mystery that asks for nothing and how, […]

I Remember When

November 15, 2015 I remember when you reached out to divide your first cell, I recall your breathing in the midday shade as the maple leafs fell slowly, soundlessly wreathing your crib in blazing oranges, reds and mottled green-browns, You dreamt, you looked and looked, inside and out, always simultaneously, The blackberries and the currants, […]

Close Your Inside-eyes

November 12/13, 2015 Close your inside-eyes, Soft snow is falling, unmixed with toil, unsung, pure and secretly burning white hot, There’s a cabin in the woods called ‘You’, No footprints are to be found, to or from, No porch-boards creaking, no solicitors seeking, Your habit is to land on its roof and peer down its […]

Upon The Mist

November 12, 2015 Upon the mist, inside the rain, underneath the sobs, within the games and beside the gestures of wanting in, frozen in Time are the twin-lovers of Begin, I want only what is good for you, I want the sun to pause and ask you, ‘Can I sit?’, I want the sun to […]

Thank You Doves

November 9, 2015 Thank you doves, For your landing and confiding, For your quiet, feather-anchored bodies upon the November lawn of my heart, In the feeders above you are seeds of misgivings, Seeds of improbable hope and clasped husks of what is, was and wasn’t, These be still and stay on the outside of you, […]

Quiet Clinging

November 4, 2015 Quiet clinging, moss to stone, stone to earth, water to thirst, hunger to passersby’s insulated change, Sown up Jefferson lips, Stopped up Franklin ears, Blindfolded Washington eyes, Chastity-belted Cleveland, Quiet clinging, lips to lips, hips to hips, cotton to loom, sound to thunder, lightning to ancient oak tree, hunger to passersby’s kneeling […]

Quiet November Knight

November 2, 2015 Quiet November Knight, Sleeping horse, golden stable, polished lances, Gypsies dancing in a far off tavern infested Heaven, where Hell is for sobriety and seriousness, Where waterfalls splash upwards and swans cover the skies in white opalescence at each sun rise, You reached out, I came in and smiled, Something encircled us, […]

All Of It I Give To You

October 27, 2015 All of it I give to you, Little One, The first to step out of the eternity of Zero, The first to say ‘I am’ from Nothing’s meandering, The first to suggest another version of itself, yet in totality, different altogether, The first meeting before there were chairs, tables and campfires, We […]

The Ice Caves

October 25, 2015 The ice caves and warm ginger-bread-men, The slow moving wintergreen sails on the flaming body of an elemental-clipper-ship, Your promise and my fragile reward, How you leaned into me as Time twirled ever forward into the births of a thousand and one grandfather clocks, Your nakedness against the memories of my own, […]

Don’t Worry, The Diamonds Are Coming

October 24, 2015 Don’t worry, the diamonds are coming, There’s a black panther’s head sticking out of the bushes and it has a mouth full of swan feathers, Its heart beats fast, its eyes are clear, Its purpose is warm and its play is satiated, Today’s been a good day, Don’t worry, the rubies are […]