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RSSArchive for February, 2015

The Events On The Road Of The Night

February 27, 2015 The events on the road of The Night, A candy-cane atlas moth and a wishing-harp laughing near a wishing-well having sprouted from a droplet of the Moon Daughter’s love, The Manzanita blossoms that form a thin prairie atop the asphalt and a memory that doesn’t correspond, a synthesis of love and bewilderment, […]

Let The Distractions Come

Let the distractions come, the wars, the avalanches, the earthquakes and the thundering tornadoes waltzing on the crackling ice-dancefloors belonging to those quiet, red-eyed hurricanes twisting to enliven their releases more, Because there’s no stopping that sound that’s ceaselessly roaming in the back of my mind, I cannot be swayed from that heartfelt whisper of […]

The Sun Is Rising

January 2, 2015 The sun is rising and the ocean is this turning gem shinning, I stand in a field of deep-green grass and call your name from memory, A great-horned owl glides from one oak-memory- branch to another, then across a fresh water inlet to finally settle within a high cliff-wall-crevice, Shadows whisper sleep, […]

There’s A Minister On The Street Corner

February 1, 2015 There’s a minister on the street-corner shouting ‘The End Is Neigh!, The End Is Neigh!’ It’s 2AM and there’s not a soul in this city, It’s a metropolitan construction site and he’s practicing, Nonetheless, in view of the full-moon clouds he witnesses them parting, while whole mile-wide swaths of stars are being […]