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RSSArchive for March, 2015

It’s Late

March 28, 2015 It’s late and I feel like I should have been done with the day an hour ago, Your presence keeps me in the sun, while the shade beckons, like a starfish clinging to its memories of what the encompassing waves used to be to it at high tide, You pull me out […]

I Heard Them Marching

March 4, 2015 I heard them marching amongst the pines, The attitudes and the opinions of men amongst their twins, their hidden thoughts, their hidden wishes upon stars kept deep inside cotton pant- pockets, their shades of shadows and kindred lineages of forget-me-nots and untied knots, Their unspoiled boyhoods and childhoods, Kept neatly folded in […]

I’m Sound Asleep, You Wake Me

March 2, 2015 I’m sound asleep, you wake me, There’s a slight hint of droplets resounding on the roof, the handrails leading to the meadow, the empty tin can where the white raven stood earlier today eating from, And I feel that moisture on the sudden outbreak of frogs singing, Some call it ‘croaking,’ but […]