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RSSArchive for April, 2015

I’m The Bone Rattle In Your Hand

April 25/26, 2015 I’m the bone-rattle in your hand, I’m the daisy-blossom at the feet of the last deceased Black Rhino, sparkling with eggs for new stars, nebulae and Expansion’s garden, I’m the chill beside Santa’s days off and the roses blossoming inside his pockets, I’m the daisy transplanted at the cradle of Earth’s firsts, […]

‘Adorable,’ The Swamp Fairy-Queen’s Steed

Sometimes Movement Isn’t Enough

April 15, 2015 Sometimes movement isn’t enough, The shadow travels at the same speed as the body’s willingness to cease or animate, Deserts rise in the Wind’s crescent moon-calling as the Sandman guides an always-awake-stallion to the cliff’s edges and breaks through Time & Space to touch others with his transcribing from the Unknown, Tides […]

Changing, Aging

April 10, 2015 Changing, aging, how the ruggedness once saturated the atmosphere with its rhinoceros meditations, The color of oxidized parts, The silence of a razor-habitat, The melting pot of itself, hanging in the fireplace, wearing a costume-gift from the sun with its emptiness, You, slippery-silver reflector of the flesh who hides an evaporating rainbow’s […]

I Was Born

April 9, 2015 I was born into a blank statement of kindness, My first action was to drink from a spring near a mountainside belonging near a desert-meadow filled with sage, cacti and a kind of silence that I’ve not known since, I heard the Sun’s footsteps carrying the Moon to her throne, setting her […]