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RSSArchive for May, 2015

In This Light

May 23, 2015 In this light, of a morning without moon, without sun, Resting crescent laughter, twilight bluer, smile brightening, You, waves inside a seashell-dream-astrolabe glistening, Your carefreeness, your desires, our this, their that, The feather clutching the wind, the canyon caressing the lover’s echoing satiations, the coyote in the distance, the king cobra nestled […]

I Am Death’s Bright White Owl

May 5/6, 2015 I am Death’s bright white owl, Everlasting, always alive, before Immortality, before time-tables and Shakespeare’s soul-time forged, I am Death’s beacon at sea and forest, summit and amongst the subterranean vaults of the deepest springs of Hades, where bright lamplights glow, where the three-headed dog rolls and plays in flaming fields of […]

It Was A Long Night

May 2, 2015 It was a long night that we spent in the Tree of Life, We made it to ground-level though and with more than enough extra change left over to alter this world forever, I’ll remember watching the baby hummingbirds hatch within the sparkle of your eyes always, And my promises are commitments […]

The Window Is Open

May 1, 2015 The window is open, the red roses are asleep, the roots are praying and the well is diving into the raindrop’s dream who begun its definition as deep, The tigers are roaming, the gazelles graze, the tall grass whispers what’s on the Sun’s mind as the felines’ secrets are tucked deep beneath […]