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RSSArchive for June, 2015

Returning Home As The Mist Clears

June 28, 2015 Returning home as the mist clears, The chimney is quiet, the treetops silent, The pond shows departing ripples, though no sign of what made them, Breath, yellowing grass, footsteps to the edge of the Circle’s birth, Listening to a lit match, Watching for The Story carrying its characters out, one by one, […]

Slow Dove, Quick Eyes

June 27, 2015   Slow dove, quick eyes, Departing waves, the ease of solo footprints wise, A feather in the cap of the shore, a single rose in the teeth of the Matador, Your breathing, this dreaming quietly singing to contrast an inner-Storm’s hemorrhaging, Reasons hiding behind blades of grass, Wishes swinging on swings made […]

Blue Starlight

June 18, 2015 Blue starlight, light-pink reasons for being light, Thistles and lamps tuned to bright, New boats and ancient moorings tied tight, This sentencing to days and nights, Those in-between coats of paint-peeling and sun-stripped chalking dizziness, the scorched words and an earthy plight, A drink of ice-cold spring water, the grizzly-tongue, A masquerade […]

The Gestation Of Imperfection

June 12, 2015 The gestation of imperfection, A King is on his knees, surrounded by the breezes of a nearing storm, Taunt silence squats down, then belly-dancing-raining unfurls its long, lavishly sparkling tongues, Clouds drift towards the choruses of the New Moon’s totality of iris, His crown, bent, scratched, dented and its jewels cracked and […]

Wide Forehead, Candlelit And Nearing The Sun

June 12, 2015 Wide forehead, candlelit and nearing the sun, Crescent moon, forgiveness, withering and bashful kisses, a blanket pulled over, a heart revealed, a soul unconcealed as a secret far before the invention of One, Waves sunder to the shore, pulling extra-credit to More, ‘It’s enough, it’s not enough, it wasn’t what it was […]

You’ve Come Home To Me

June 6, 2015 You’ve come home to me, walker of a trial of shed antlers, breather of fire and water, child of wondrous mortality and the golden cobblestone ways, In your hands thrive the best this Universe’s now can transcribe by a beam of rainbow verification set upon and throughout galaxies of diamond planets and […]

An Open Window

June 5, 2015 An open window, a rained upon peony, how the chair was left standing at the entrance to the cabin and the lost albatross asleep upon its welcoming seat, The green grass and her breath, Reasons swarming gently beneath a log oozing with honey-dreams, hexagonal memory-chambers and whispering wings envisioning Jupiter’s crown landing […]