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RSSArchive for July, 2015

There’s A Land Where Strong Mountains Change Places

July 25, 2015 There’s a land where strong mountains change places with one another around the hem to the dress of Night, Where the moon lands on the ground in the form of a flock of see-through-doves and commence their dance inside set aside a Cyclops-king-crown, Where lakes swish into rivers, rivers rain into wells […]

Silk Umbrella To The Soul

July 24, 2015 Silk umbrella to the Soul, the black, ink-drenched self writing out to the sky, stars and all, Nothing and that, stating ‘I cannot, I will not, I am the knot,’ Mistress to the dead and gone, singing in the dark the lost Empresses’ thousand-paragraphed song, Elephant-rider dressed in red dragon scales, holding […]

Sentences Camped Along

July 19, 2015 Sentences camped along the tunnel-cliff-edges of the throat, Shy campfires, taunt cables and rope, Tents in the shapes of flowers, nebulae, sea urchins and glued together boats, ‘As two peas in a pod’ and ‘Snug as a bug’, their deep down hopes pout and float, Deep night bird call, The broken doll […]

Weather Has Disappeared

July 18, 2015 Weather has disappeared, Lilacs are in bloom deep beneath an ocean room, Salt turns to sugar, sugar dreams of Winter, chocolate and firelight laughter pulls from the Mind a splinter, This lingering, that erasing, those filaments of twilight in your eyes as you rise from tears, Scratching at the Heart’s door and […]

The Riddle

July 11, 2015 The riddle of the pathless mountain range, The softness of how you touch the bowstring, The wealth inside your lungs and your white-rose-smile unfolding in the dark, How reasons lay by the fireside, nestled between Riddle and Make Believe, sound asleep, a living cauldron of molten-winged silk, Spinner of Story, Weaver of […]