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RSSArchive for August, 2015


August 31, 2015 Imagine, Love at rest, competitions done with, tests checked off and on for Off’s completion- sake, checkered flags folded and obsolete, race cars installed beside the prehistoric, wars wreathed in lapis lazuli, forgiven and reasoned away by matured hearts followed by their humbled minds, Imagine, storm clouds wrapped in peace, care, attention […]

It Will Be Tomorrow

August 28, 2015 It will be tomorrow before you know it, then again and again, The turning exists, the staying stays and Farewell catches upon its tongue the droplets hummingbirds let loose as they pull back from blossoms thick with Razor-edge’s perfume, White petals looking into a clear windowpane, Pink stirring, the mission of the […]

How Long

August 28, 2015 ‘How long does it take for a prayer to make it to the sun?’ Asked the rosebud to the frost, “Light a match to your blood red lips and speak it.” Answered the frost, ‘How will I know?’ Said the rosebud, “You’re coming and I’m going, that’s enough for now.” Replied the […]


August 20, 2015 Forget-me-nots and daisy-petals being plucked, Bejeweled infant eyes and wishing-wells deep, Bald eagles, salmon and grizzly bears roaming, High peaks, low meadows and trickling streams, Reward, gestation, canopies covering the heart, Humpback whales, drifting sands and the look in her eyes when she ran out of offerings for the Tooth Fairy’s cart, […]

Water Boat Afloat On A Wooden Ocean

August 19, 2015 Water boat afloat on a wooden ocean, Splinters and thin-skinned tomatoes ripening on sunbaked shores of black sand and rainbow hermit crabs, My inhale, your dream-state tasting the vapors of yesterdays and tomorrows that stand in a round line waiting for suns to be born and tornadoes to marry hurricanes in the […]

The Keeper Of One’s Deepest Secrets

August 12/13, 2015 The Keeper of One’s Deepest Secrets, How a raindrop can zigzag down a perfectly plumb windowpane on a windless day, Explanation marries Lamentation and they birth Definition-twins, An obsidian swan asleep on a new moon pond, Black mirrored quietness, dreaming minnows and sleek pikes brushing near their transparent dream-cellar doors, I feel […]

Thin Thunder

August 11, 2015 Thin thunder, thick, moist, greasy, sticky newborn sun in my lap, asleep, partially covered with a cotton and diamond blanket, A majestic jade canoe is situated to our left and a free flowing river of promises-kept is to our right, A fallen over weeping willow cries no more, A skinny oak tree […]

To The Open Eyes

August 9, 2015 To the open eyes, I gift this, one something-else, Your touch-back, the softness in blindness, The fabrics inside your eyes, The pillows cushioning these flashbacks of hard reality and harder moving forwards, Your voice quenched by just the right amount of trust, Dolphins, seals, starfish and walrus-pluses, And Bliss wrapped inside a […]

Returning To Silence

August 8, 2015 Returning to silence, soft mosses and thick reliefs, How treble lays down and sighs as a cardinal sings and an artesian well looses its way by earthquake and monsoon mindsets, How bass climbs into the hammock of Emergence, Clarity and Carbons quietly becoming Diamonds, How a spark jumps from cavern to cavern, […]

Serenity Entity

August 5, 2015 Serenity entity, the warmth of passages and how the white raven stands inside dawn with a new world glowing in its firm beak, The coolness of a touch underneath expectation, Then the warmth of Reward’s determination to politely say ‘yes’ and how you leaned into me, splashing the words ‘All or Nothing’ […]