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RSSArchive for September, 2015

The Texture of The Secret Song

September 24, 2015 The texture of the Secret Song encapsulating the silent tree in its book-binding’s bark, The splash and the outlasting outbreath of the diver’s Once Upon a Time getting up, time and time again, death after dying Life, to look, to listen, to say, suggest and become as quiet as a Christmas mouse […]

There’s A Vision

September 17, 2015 There’s a vision. A strange place that I cannot admit to, nor it claim homestead over me. We’re twins at times and amnesic Siamese-twins other times, having no clue how one controls the left and the other the right, how we feel two distinct feelings in one beating heart’s domain, I see […]

I Want To Say Some Things To You

September 9-10, 2015 I want to say some things to you in-between a poem’s birth-strokes, I want to guess while knowing all the while, I want to love and reach out into the inside, I lean into this and trust every move you make when standing exactly still to the outside world, The Secret Drummer […]