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RSSArchive for October, 2015

All Of It I Give To You

October 27, 2015 All of it I give to you, Little One, The first to step out of the eternity of Zero, The first to say ‘I am’ from Nothing’s meandering, The first to suggest another version of itself, yet in totality, different altogether, The first meeting before there were chairs, tables and campfires, We […]

The Ice Caves

October 25, 2015 The ice caves and warm ginger-bread-men, The slow moving wintergreen sails on the flaming body of an elemental-clipper-ship, Your promise and my fragile reward, How you leaned into me as Time twirled ever forward into the births of a thousand and one grandfather clocks, Your nakedness against the memories of my own, […]

Don’t Worry, The Diamonds Are Coming

October 24, 2015 Don’t worry, the diamonds are coming, There’s a black panther’s head sticking out of the bushes and it has a mouth full of swan feathers, Its heart beats fast, its eyes are clear, Its purpose is warm and its play is satiated, Today’s been a good day, Don’t worry, the rubies are […]

Cold Night, Warm Light

October 20, 2015 Cold night, warm light, motionless pools and the laughing plots of Nocturne’s midnight schools, Told to let go, reasoned to stay held-on, meant to sacrifice and the return of the Christmas mice to that stand-still moment when Quietness touched the wrapping paper for the first conjuration of Noise and how the bows […]

In The Quietness Of My Crystalline Den

October 18, 2015 In the quietness of my crystalline den, This Inn whose light is always on for you, To love what you have and consider deeply how what you want is holding you back, How noticing the humble placement of where you actually are, in between the lines calls the lions to your side […]

I Am Gold, Magnets Do Not Stick To Me

October 10, 2015 I am gold, magnets do not stick to me, I am the Dancer in between the same-setting- sun and rising old-new-moon, I taught the whisper to magnify itself till a Siberian cub arose from nothingness, I am gold, magnets do not stick to me, I am the alive, the dead, the flowers […]