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RSSArchive for January, 2016

I’m Here

January 25, 2016 I’m here, but sleeping behind the T, so, you’ve only always known me as ‘There’, I forgive you because this distortion cannot be undone so easily, if at all… The moss doesn’t grow greener on the other side of an active lava-tube, I’m not worried, War is laughing and Death is tickling […]

Moonlit, A Summertime Field

January 24, 2016 Moonlit, a summertime field of snow-shadows and footprints keeping silent as the grass once bent, slowly stands up again, It takes days before it looks untraveled once more, but the clay beneath understands memories, depth, imprint and how the wetness of Life calls for fingerprints, kisses, missed and pliable agreements to meet […]

Tried And True

January 23, 2016 Tried and true, I see you, naked and painted red, riding a skeleton buffalo, Your feet aglow with feasting fire flies, Your hair, wind swept by cosmic stillness and a flock of glow-in-the-dark blue pelicans circling above you, spiraling higher and higher, tasting your name, their hearts bleeding for your un-tamed nature’s […]

Full Green Waves

January 20, 2016 Full green waves, bashful pine needles, A coaxing and a returning to something kindred and peaceful, Storm fallen branches lay all around, Rain-filled footprints, nearly to their brims the water quivers and your body, pinned to the afternoon sun, welcomes the breezes skipping across white sands, holding a handful of rainbow balloons, […]

Wealth Of Heart

January 18, 2016 Wealth of heart, the signage that prompts one to imagine what’s not actually going on, then the declaration of present offense, but in secret, deep in the locked filing cabinets of the heart, it is an echo-claim, painted upon the walls of an Echo Chamber, misleading the Present, U-turning back to where […]

Up Front, Very Personal

January 18, 2016 Up front, very personal, withdrawn and liquefied as butterflies are attracted to its melting point, Magical, a séance with five Siamese twins, Deeper delving, the hidden skeletons, the graphite closet doors, the white paper lifting itself up, one by one to visit the imprints of closure, We drip, minute by minute towards […]

A Thick Bed Of Green Leafs

January 17, 2016 A thick bed of green leafs, A thin veneer of telling the truth and how the passing of time crochets onto what-is-right its relative positions, its fading applications and sprouting meanderings into discovery, awe, disbelief and disabling limbs of cherished poverty, solid gold dinosaur bones stacked inside diamond- lined platinum chests of […]

The Gentle Weaving

January 11, 2016 The gentle weaving and careful undoing of threads to make room for cooperative, generous gold inner knitting, How the rocking chair resembles the crib, How the cane represents surrender to The Question, its point being cushioned from the hard turf, How one conceives, The birthplaces of ‘I said’, ‘I am glad’ and […]

What House?

January 5, 2016 What house? What sky? What ground? What ‘why?’ ? This house made of straw, This sky cleaned of flaws, This ground up from nowhere, This sentencing of words to back-to-back stand-still time-keeping and the lighthouse on fire with water- ships and dancing, naked ice-Captains shedding snowflakes, You’re surreal and still believe there’s […]