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RSSArchive for February, 2016

The Holy Lie

February 27, 2016 Expressionlessness, the unique footsteps of the holy Lie, how it breaths inside a held breath of recognizing its presence having leapt silently from the tip of an un-quivering tongue, How it slides beneath trust, hope and love, like a silk sheet with no return address, How the eyes widen at its flawless […]

I’m Tired

February 22, 2016 I’m tired and yet the sun rises in me, while the moon brushes your hair clean of dried leaves, ginger roots and owl saliva, I asked you whether it was going to rain, You dipped your hands in the desert and laughed that laugh that forms diamonds yawning inside quicksand, You asked, […]

Up From The Forest

February 9, 2016 Up from the forest, down from the tree limbs, A calling glides forward looking for its fleshy twin, Through the winter echoes, bound by twilight and resurrected by songs of fight and flight, The rainbow-mermaid sings eternal, weaponless in a spear-pointed world, daisies dancing at her feet in mid-March winds and wisps […]

Blankets And Cupcakes

February 4-5, 2016 Blankets and cupcakes, hillsides and couples with only the names Jack & Jill, Midnight lamplight oil dripping pillow fights, Your clinched fists banging on a hinge-less door, The eagle soaring through your sores while dragging from the raging white waters of a Martian landscape called ‘I am’, the egg-necklaces of tomorrow, next […]

A Lighthouse Had Just Collapsed

February 4, 2016 A lighthouse had just collapsed into the sea, on a quiet, pristine, mid-April morning, Funny thing is, on this planet no boats had ever touched water, they’re reserved for the sands, while lighthouses grow, like barnacles, on anything that’s surrounded by H2O, It was on a very bright Tuesday afternoon when I […]

It Was Pitch Black

February 3, 2016 It was pitch black, there was a cave, a crow, a burning bush underwater, growing inside a hollow log, There was a guy, dressed in white, holding a Golden Retriever with a Frisbee in its mouth, He said, ‘We’re all one.’, I laughed, he asked, ‘What’s so funny?’ I laughed again, I […]