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RSSArchive for March, 2016

Quiet Dressmaker

March 30, 2016 Quiet dressmaker, Liquid lavender-heart-quakes and the juices behind your lips, The secreted patterns of forgiveness in the dark, The wherewithal to underestimate what’s clearly already perfected and decaying, Yellow diamond, mauve gold, transparent jasper and powdered water, How your hands reach into the curtains of God’s secrets and rattle the cotton cages, […]


March 25, 2016 Erosion, twilight candles flickering in zero gravity, Your sadness, your relinquishing to practice holding on to Future that’s flowing through your hands anyway, A swing stilled by meaning, its chain quiet, on a diet, as emerald whirlpools churn five miles under your held breath, anticipating the vulnerability of Forever’s mortal rewards, Playing […]