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RSSArchive for April, 2016

In The Haze

April 23, 2016 In the haze of some sunny confessional, a flame flickers inside ice, under the held breath, above the let-go-thoughts nestled in the nest, The depth of an ocean-crest, the pliable anguish of a disappearing request, Kindness walks the mausoleum afterhours as both test and guest, The polished coffin, a mysterious long scratch […]

I Asked You Not To Wait For Me

April 13, 2016 I asked you not to wait for me, because I noticed you were a storm cloud earlier in the day, Actually, you were the earliest storm cloud I’d ever witnessed, how do you do it, gather what you do while the rest of us sleep and only dream of giving and receiving? […]

A Fantasia

April 11, 2016 A fantasia of whispering wisteria, A locket of sweetness, a baring of the soul, A ringlet of hair waving although the night air is as still as an iceberg’s breathing knoll, You stand aching, You stretch yourself inward, silently ambitious, ‘Stay awhile,’ you say to yourself as your heart keeps beating, as […]

Inside The Darkness

April 6-7, 2016 Inside the darkness, without any one, within the one called You, wrapped in sentences dying, combined opposites, with a levitation-mind and an anchored body answering to I, am, this, here and then, To the wilted blossoms on the breastplate of a dying mermaid queen, To the wherewithal that challenges young lions to […]

There Is A Flame

April 5, 2016 There is a flame that she rides, There is a flame that he rides, There are horses of jasper and Queens dressed in white silk, black crow feathers and marked by the setting sun’s distant prayers for their return, There are Kings, naked and standing in the flames, There are castles made […]