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RSSArchive for June, 2016

Ladybugs Everywhere

June 30, 2016 Ladybugs everywhere and how the mist wrapped around that lamppost nurtured by a ghost town’s maternity of all objects casting a shadow, day and night, as I discovered you, little by little, fathomless by fathomless, Then the scent of daisies and jasmine came, permeating Life’s face facing up, an invisible satellite dish […]

The View Outside That Fence Line

June 29, 2016 The view outside that fence line, a demarcation where going-out hesitates and the point at which swans lift off into a quiet, cricket-less hymn-sky, Buttercup shinning beneath her chin, sunrise, sunset, a million suns within, New moon, old moon, some moon, full moon, planets of no moons, risen and here, a becoming […]

It Cannot Be Said Enough

June 24, 2016 It cannot be said enough, so it remains silent, like lichen on a boulder, like a concrete foundation slowly fracturing beneath its carpeted Heaven, like decomposing clouds licked across the sun-lips of a reappearing god by the tongue of an anonymous volcano maiden, clothed in black-cedar-thread and orange diamonds, Meadows laid thin, […]

It’s Thunder

June 17, 2016 ‘It’s thunder.’ said the Leaf Elders to springtime buds, Far and wide Change could be felt on the air as pines swayed and hollow oaks whistled, Dandelions giving way to preplanned break-away points and dusts whispering the elderly forward, across the polished reflections of chime bells holding Silence with wreaths of Cottonwood, […]