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RSSArchive for 2017

I Made My Way To You

June 14, 2017 I made my way to you, I sat in your rose filled forests, climbed the amber mountains and swam your dolphin patterned lakes, I built ships for armored Vikings, fed them their first taste of blitzkrieg, whispering the hourglass to commence its let-go of that paradoxically poised rage and passion from seashell […]

Deep Inside

May 31, 2017 Deep inside, it may be conjured by a residing reverberation from an unfortunate event, a moment of awe in-between the setting of cement and the drying of butterfly wings, it may be around the edges of a death-mask, when Life shimmers and casts seeds towards the stillness of what was and wasn’t, […]

I Was Amiss When The Skeleton Turned And Sought A Kiss

April 16 & May 13, 2017 I was amiss when the skeleton turned and sought a kiss, There came a deep thumping of my heart, a pause in my breath, a remembrance of a lost part, a vision of a living flat stone breathing, skipping across Death’s river of bliss, feeding on delicate fluffy feathers […]

I Have Not Forgotten You Nature

April 23, 2017 I have not forgotten you Nature, Then there’s this placement where I hardly recognize anything to hold onto and claim as ‘I am” and that cognition of wilted reasonableness, there’s that oddly shattered plate that reveals its truer beauty in pieces rather than by a whole-certain antique-china-something… And a heavy jasmine wall […]

The Wide Open Séance

The wide open séance, Nature holding its own hand with one palm turning inside out with each subtle wobble of the pendulum’s swing, How the rivulets keep the lightning struck tree’s soul calm, licking its wounds with blossom, pollen and swarms of newly landed honeybees warm in its hollowness at night, filled up by now […]

From Afar

March 3, 2017 From afar, you said, “I’m an open book,” but when I came closer I noticed you were wearing a vacuum- sealed, plastic cover, Hermetically locked priest and priestess, beast and beast-less, waterfall and marshlands birthing deserts and salt-soil volcano pepper-factories of naked ravens and crystalline crows summoning farmers from graves and Queens […]

The Atmosphere Of Choice

February 10 & 21, 2017 The atmosphere of choice drifted away, What were once canyons became wind-blown ash, What was once a vast river of commerce became a rivulet of quiet, trickling softness upon the underbelly of a submerged war ship; thick-steel hull, its transparent spirit laid to rest, the Round Table Trustees cascading from […]

The Sun’s Going Down

February 7, 2017 The sun’s going down and a pack of brightly colored clowns are seen running at top speed through Mr. McFadden’s raspberry farm, their clothes being torn off with each leap, wiggle, shake and rake they make. An owl is startled from its ground-nest keep, spreads its wings and soars into the crowded […]

There Is A Place Inside A Place

February 6, 2017 There is a place inside a place full of grace and wise old beings who are finished with races, There is a well, a deep, deep chasm in the earth of earths, inside the core of cores and door of doors, It is covered in lush, bright green moss and ferns, It […]

Turning A New Leaf

January 6 (and February 5), 2017   Turning a new leaf, Lighting a yellow planet on fire with a snowflake- bridge’s wish-come-true, an artifact gifted from an Arctic kingdom’s clan of queens hued in lavender-blue, Dedication calls and it’s answered, A sun opens its body of eyes, while the momentary evaporation of promises-not-kept releases an […]