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We Hurry Up, Making Up The Future

January 28, 2009

We hurry up, making up the future…

A man stands where the sign for a newly
completed town is going to be posted;
traffic is passing him by and they stop to
ask, ‘Why won’t you move?’ And he
replies, ‘The town isn’t there until the
sign gets here.’

An early morning, a dark brown prairie
has shown up, having taken less than
six hours to materialize…

A sea of brown bears, side by side,
as far as ‘my’ eyes could see…

I take my shoes off, my socks and
my clothes; I smear yellow onion all
over me, and then, taking some nickel
string, make three necklaces, a headband,
a belt, bracelets and anklets out of strung-on
red and white (unbattered) onion rings…

This is going to be tricky.

I have a rather large parcel to deliver
to the other side of this shallow canyon-
basin of grizzlies…

The world’s last bee hive; 63 pounds of
honey and its brood too…

I’ve removed the possible ‘rival queens’
and am keeping them in a special box,
glued to the top of my shaven head with
extra-churned, scentless lard…

The bees are stable, the exits are screened,
the honey smell confused with menthol and
my additional onion meanings,

The ground is wet with residual shallot tears,
both mine and theirs, though they’ve already
gotten over their fears…

These bears are not hibernating, nor are they
completely awake, they’re lounging in
between mild stomach aches and teething

Yes, someone ‘along the way’ commissioned
me (Since I was going to be passing by that way
anyways.) to collect those ‘bear-teenager-teeth’
and place them in a special duel-sachet, fastened
and combination-locked to my waist (For the sake
of balance, in case I have to run: pure generous
genius, I’d not say!) Though, these I see, they’re
not all young ones, finding this out the easy way…

As I began making my path across this infinitude
of restless tendons and muscles, growling-yawnings
and gurgling stomachs who could hold 3 men (and)
since I was not recognized as a human (yet), I was
‘gently’ accosted, mainly by the older ones, by their
inner bad moods, something they couldn’t help for
pity’s sake…

So, I agreed, though limited the ‘requests’ to one
filling per bear…

I was prepared for this; I’d done my reading about
this particular field… The first tooth was not very
difficult, because it was right in the front and the
cavity was not on the flip side, though, of the 42
possible teeth, it was those molars in the very back,
that often got me downright stumped…

So, because you’re not going to go digging around
the sensitive gum line of an infected grizzly bear’s
rear tooth with a pointed stick that could break off
down deep, underneath the void, possibly creating
‘derisive and mortally guaranteed fatal havoc’,

I devised a way to extract the contents of the cavity
by sucking on a small, hollowed out reed and then
gently blowing back into the ‘well’, warm water that
I had to hold in my mouth to heat up, for approximately
40 seconds…

The fillings were actually very exceptional concoctions.
I was surprised when I first read of their proven
‘traditional ingredients’, though less egotistic about
collecting them…

Each of the 284 fillings I filled consisted of gold powder, mixed with porcelain and the following ‘famous gemstones’, also, having to be ‘powdered’ ~

The Flame Queen Opal
The Pride of Australia Opal
The Flamingo Opal
The Whatsittoyou Opal
The Aurora Australis Opal
The Black Prince Opal
The Empress of Australia Opal
The Fire Queen Opal
The Kalamazoo Opal
The Olympic Australis Opal
The Andamooka Opal
The Mississippi Opal
The Halley’s Comet Opal
The Jupiter Five Opal
The Renchinworks Opal
The Red Admiral Opal

Bear’s like opals,
I haven’t yet read why,
and had no reason to
skimp on the ‘required
grocery list.’

Now, the fusion of this collaboration of fame
and dentistry distortion is another story; I will
say this, that getting a grizzly to hold its head,
with its mouth open, in just the right angle to
the sun, is really tough with a beehive on your
back, one hand holding the infected palette ‘in
place’ while the other is aiming…

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