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Knocking On An Unfamiliar Door

July 2, 2002

Knocking on an unfamiliar door,

early morning.

The sun is bright,
a hint of the previous night’s
thick jasmine musk greets me
at the entrance.

A large white tabby purrs,
hidden a bit in the dense hedge
lining the pathway,
whose ‘stones’ are massive pieces
of various colored glass.

I heard a voice earlier
as I approached;
the door is unlocked
and hanging on one
large central hinge.

I walk in,
looking through the parlor,
and call out a name:

no answer.

I go to the kitchen and sit down;
I am seeing this place alone,
before the breath
of ‘Desiring To Know Someone’ arrives.

The kitchen is painted
a light brown sugar,
outlined with a vibrant lavender
and orange intertwined ribbon.

Brass, copper and iron
is nowhere to be seen,

So delicate the items are
porcelain cooking pots,
each with its own bed
nestled in a sturdy,
open faced cabinet.

The chandelier is also
made of the same substance,
it could be a wind chime
at the right hour,
the windows were lifted.

Seeing the furniture,
sensing the atmosphere,
such a floating place…

Dining table and chairs,
sofa and reading seat,
all made of various wooden laminates,
nearly too absorbing for me…

It’s not that I sense the place
in front of its quiet presence,
instead, ‘with it’ I am standing,

I have been here now for a few minutes.

A pitcher of orange juice
and ice
sits on a large circular coaster,

I lift it up
and there
find a note,

it says,

“Good morning;
I am in the garden
waiting for you.”

(and still I do not know exactly why)
I could not move
from the shoulders down,

I seemed to be seized
by an overwhelming apprehension
of kindredness
with the writer,
and unable to check it,
to move it
and all its bodily luggage
into the garden spontaneously.

Sitting awhile,
with eyes closed,
and being,
the chair I sat on
seemed made for these sorts
of surprised realizations.

The sound of water running
into an empty tin fountain-can,

I turned my head
towards the large French doors
facing the garden
and see my friend looking
straight through them
from a distance,
right at me,

And with such an expression,
that I knew instantly
I wasn’t being seen
because the sunny glare
on the glass
shielded all views into the house.

I could see plainly the expression
of Wonderment and Acceptance,
curious as to when
or if
I had already arrived,

Also, being presently there,
in the company of a solo deed,
a single arrangement between
themselves and the garden,
themselves and an arranging soul.

Something inside me
lifted the heavy pitcher of juice
and sat it down loud,
so that the garden could hear it…

I witnessed my friend rise up;
walking ever so closer
to freeing me
from this summer ice.

The sound of the door opening
rings so clear in my ears now,
so much of living has since passed.

And the color:
god the hues!

A human rainbow
entering the house,
unembossed gold coins
cupping both ends of its arches.

Our smiles
and the ever desired
of the ticking clock’s
pointing out
of what Time was.

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