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Drifting, Verbally Withdrawing From What Paints Heavy Streetlamps Happy ~ Visualization #13

April 9, 2009
Last day at the cottage.

Drifting, verbally withdrawing
from what paints heavy streetlamps happy,
conversations of doubt, prediction,
redirection and retribution.

Disintegrating steeple;
as its bell returns
to being a thimble-god.

jellyfish three-piece-suits,
mermaids and murmuring guests,
conch shells and heaven’s forgetfulnesses,
train stations and the coal-smoke left behind;
the conductor tosses Him a chunk of coal
to draw with
as he’s waiting for another
broken steam-necklace
to arrive and clasp.

Black gallows,
sails sown
from the slain one’s uniforms.

Sierra blue footsteps,
rice field aprons
and snow goose hoods,
worshipers of breathing
and the plain-faced-misunderstood.

On fire oars:
these shafts are hollow bronze,
giant flutes too,
cast from Century plant stalks:
the paddle sections are spread out
Paul Bunyan pennies.

Etched on these
is one epic dream-scene,
a story
of how quick love is lost
to the finding
of the sea’s surface.

We go back to the streetlamps
and glide over its contemporary skin
in the dark,
feeling strands of some contaminate,
a wish-for-me-need
of unrelenting smoothnesses.

The half lit
and too-bright-to-kiss
while underneath such poles.

Their thick black enamel,
thirty six layers deep;
caught-up-brush hairs
are in there too.

She remembers the Mayan pendant,
She remembers the Dutch gown,
She knows that these are costumes for
heartbeats who are trying to outrun
the deaths and resurrections of Sun Moon.

Crossword puzzles are bleeding
and speaking in tongues.
Word-find games shiver,
and chatter,

Mouths filled
with Black & Red checkers
and uncut-matte-diamond-hued
chess pieces
skating with one another’s
boardless grouping.

A kitten howls
and trips a stampeding elephant
with its hypnotic tail.

A fly passes in and out
of the worlds thickest
sheet of glass;
recalling the romance is that easy.

Green is caught up in Moss,
Moss is caught down in Green.
Both are on a ladder
leaning against a tree.

He sits down the seethrough crystal,
taking back
all the wishes forced into it,
leaving behind
two fingerprint footsteps,
a warm chair,
a strand of hair
and an echo
that speeds the gallows rowing
once their bones
begin glow-responding
to its autonomous,
boomeranging harmony.

Smiles in Hades are expensive,
sincere and always true.
Delving in trunks
made of chiseled ice
and white ostrich feathers,
an elder searches
for the warranty
concerning its That Smile…

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