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The Miniature Freight Train Set ~ Visualization #14

April 13, 2009

The miniature freight train set;
glowing purple,
lowering itself
by rolling,
standing still,
the headaches of thousands,
as its whistle string
snaps in two.

Parallel lovers,
two arms-reach away,
loosing a little bit of themselves
each time the heavy wheels slide by.

Doll-people standing in frozen awe,
awestruck by the lightning,
the Thor of Awe-dancewear,
static flowing,
static waving insatiable hellos.

A bashful quietness slurps out,
then splashes
onto the coal mine’s
glistening black-something
called ‘fuel’.

The twillery of daily morning-birds,
spilling spent hulls
into an afternoon
wrapped inside a birdbath
filled with water,
robins and one reflection
of a hawk standing nearby,
an arborist of the pulsating
a repairman of bygone days
and wishes unfulfilled,
spilling spent hulls into an evening
unwrapped outside its heartbeat,
held beneath its protracted talons,
bright red C-shapes
and diluting morning dew.

The train conductor
isn’t a conduit
of heavy-sure-steel
while at home;
he sits,
as the porch supports
and cracks a little
with his human,

ruby apples appear,
lining up on
all the handrails
he can envisage.

He covers his eyes
and keeps seeing,
keeps diving.

He misses Eden,
and Earth hasn’t even been
invented yet.

He rocks back and forth;
no one is looking…
He’s the only one
on ‘this planet’
like his species.

He’s ok,
He’ll knit another batch
of flea-suspenders today
and toboggans for bumblebees
this evening.

He’ll learn something
from ice sickles too:
they’ll reveal,
not teach,
because he’s looking
at how
of their one drop
completes the bridge
from roof
to ground.

And he’ll witness
the trestle fall apart;
not from poor construction
or Construction’s innate
poor treatment
of its weaker

Time will bring his dreaming
to the birth
of precipitous pink moths
thumping upon
the inside and outside
belonging to his
duller than dull breastplate,
something he made centuries ago,
from copying a confusing vision,
of a bluish planet
filled with such
glistening ‘shells’
strapped to slow
marching beings,
spirit-bonded to such ideas,
that the very
heart’s contents
was immediately
led astray when reading,
when becoming the read
Table of Contents,
and turning to power,
sealed inside brass capsules
by corks made of that substance
who Impatience couldn’t turn
into gold
and waitfull in the dark
for the pull
of another kind of C-shape,
and the spark
of life looking at life,
glistening with confusion’s praying
and preying,
motion filled
with deceasement
on its taste buds.

he stood up,
shook off the stigmata,
wiping the red,
round melting stickers
onto white fence posts,
white painted rock walls
and white grave markers,
installed flatly horizontally,
so they’d serve as a footpath
when the creek would flood
for the first time
at the end of the next 200 years.

These are his burial chambers

Yes, the immortal soul
can hold and dig with
a manmade shovel,
so long as the dirt,
who has a habit
of prematurely yearning
for Birth’s return
to closed lids,
closed ways
and closed eggs,
to be lifted
up and beside itself
by a whisper
and not a bugler’s
polished mirror-shout.

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