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October 19, 2001 | | Comments 0

I Sense It Today, A Presence

October 19, 2001

I sense it today,
a presence reaching outwards,
one long ray going backwards,
as though the sun itself
could reach behind its body
and endeavor to catch some comet
before its collision into oblivion, saying ~

‘Traveler, do you know what forces
make you so predictable; that millions
gather to confide in your reliability their own,
though of a smaller speed and duration?

I know you can hear me,
and that you’re mute
with so many cosmic infanthoods as yours,
though you’ll remember this act,
this small departure
from the longing ovoid pattern
you have wobbled out of this season,
heading for my janis-face.

Oh, doubled I’m also,
shinning the shone,
yet what must be done
is beyond the deed itself. Here.’

And the sun handed to the worn out comet
one spark,
and then left it
to look at this.

And as the comet peered,
having time now to see
in a concentrated stillness,
it sensed itself expanding.

It wept such secrets
that it took the aid of enormous seas
to protect the fragility of the whisperings
from sister and brother comets speeding by.

The comet felt a chill
or was it a burning?

From this moment’s confusion,
a chain of snow covered mountains fell
like hair
down one side of the comet’s face,
while another braid of volcanoes
wove themselves down the next.

The joy of the eruptions
alongside the difficult patience
issuing forth from the frozen tundra
created such an ecstatic crossroads
that the comet had to give its head
a great shaking.

Titanic worlds of steam
and gaseous mixtures rose,
and colors splashed about
high above the watery whispering places
and Reflection was born.

The comet stood still,
breathing for the first time.

In all this excitement
lungs had come,
though from where?

There are blessings from strangers
who make it their business
to forget instantly
who they hand themselves to,
though keep the sense-knowing
of the giving deeply and profoundly true.

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