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Lover, Try To Picture Me As This

February 20, 2002


Try to picture me as this ~

Attracted to you
I step round and round a shadow land.

This is a place without worry of over crowding,
yet it seems there are too many people here;
a simple explanation~

It’s the reflections on the lake-surface;
we’re counting those as well,
then there are the mirrors
we are holding outwards,
the mirrors the mirrors are holding,
and there is God hiccuping,

I must ask him ~

‘Can I do anything for you, anything?’

“Yes, please give me a glass of water
from that lake over there.”

I did,
And did again.

It was a long night of soothing his hiccups,

By morning I was just on my way up
the steep lake bottom to give him another
glassful when I heard him say ~

“No Lover, put that one back,
the sun is rising,
without reflections there are no shadows.”

As I stood where I had dipped the cup in
I realized that it was the last one,
the very, very last one…

A small tendency came to me,
to drink the last cup,
yet somehow,
though I was terribly thirsty,
exhausted and dirty,
I put it out,
and with a caution
that looks ahead of itself.

And just as the cupful touched
the moist lake bottom,
a great vacuum arose,
and the lakes’ waters returned instantly.

I found myself struggling
to be freed from being pressed down
like a stone beneath a great foot.

I heard a voice; it was God
hiccuping again, he said ~

“Stay down there Lover,
where there are no shadows,
look up, look up!”

And I looked up,
and found you standing there,
suspended in the water,
like a    l o n g   l o n g   j e l l y f i s h.

You were smiling,
looking at me with the intensity of …

O how do I remember you?

Yes, this is it ~

The intensity of those large patches
of bright green mosses,
stretched out all over everything,
especially near that stream
where my best friend and I
would go in the springtime
to hunt for lizards.

Most of the day
we would spend turning over rocks,
simply flipping them over
to look at what they were standing on.

Perhaps we are like this ~

Under a transparent silvery stone
that God will lift up someday
when a springtime comes
returning his best friend,
and a desire to go fishing,

a type of trust that has nothing
to loose spending all day searching
for a quantity of something
that it has no sense of achieving.

Believe me Lover when I say ~

That we are like this,
when seen apart from looking
at that spot who just appeared
on our shirt from our eating too quickly
something God dropped behind him,
from leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.

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