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The flowers…

November 9, 2008

The flowers: no, wait, it’s winter…

The flowers: no, wait, it’s me;

I’m outside and cannot see back into what lead

me here searching because I carried two empty vases…

No, wait, its winter and the water has frozen,

the vases are scattered behind me, I’m carrying two,

solid ice carafes… My hands, they’re not cold: no, wait,

someone’s walking behind me, carrying them for me

(or am I Shiva with two shadows?) No, wait; a kiss,

I just felt it, I did, I must have because I felt it, just there,

on the inside of my lips, I felt it… No, wait, that was me

thinking twice inside Once Upon A Time because it’s not

Sunday yet… “Oh, yes, that explains everything backwards

again”, said Alice; “Turtles cannot open up that space

between themselves and the Earth without getting out

once and awhile and walking too slow for someone else’s good.”

Yes, yes, that’s it; an orphan, mysterious and full of choices,

lighting its chest with the bluest rays of its creator’s patience.

No apologies for being standing still to everything that’s ‘Yes’…

Did I say it, did I? The afghans you knitted were all perfect

and the mornings you rose past me and glided to your coffee

and corn bread were spellbinding; how you endured because

you said you would; no, wait, it’s me, it’s springtime and I am

about to shed this skin again: please, move aside Me and make

room for this deep sleep of having to lay down right now, in the

now and fasten these eyes closed, like round matching luggage could…

No, no; I’m okay, I don’t need a photograph, though, I will take

the camera and sell it so to send you pictures of where I’ve

nearly not gone yet… You’ll love yourself more for the mystery

and the surprises, after all, there’s nothing so mysterious in your

darkroom that you didn’t predetermine in broad daylight first…

Maybe it’s the recording that’s the magic; the appearance of the

captive space, it reminds you of me, even when we caught one

another open, happy and filled with satiation endlessly laughing

deep down with rivers of red supporting our heart temples on

columns of god and god… Never alone, never… The basket

weavers saw my orphanage coming; no other way, none…

Yes, wait, it’s me, it’s me and I am wearing it like this,

like that, like you…

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