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The Breath Of Forecast

August 5, 2009

The breath of Forecast,
the bulldozing of Forlorn,
the Great Grandmother’s forewarning
and the deep snow drifts that took the
orange cat named ‘Fluffy’ away.

Walking on cold cotton has its time.

Trying to open boiling jars of
canned rhubarb-jalapeno preserves
has its…

The kindling Death sells for free
since the past presently cost so much,

And that fireplace
looking at the living-restlessness calmly,
and with its mouth wide open,
jaws mortised into a nearly
immortal square scream,
ears for ventilators,
it roundaboutly accepts
its spark-arrestor screen
and lays to sleep each night those
same pallbearers to walk their
thick black gloss dreams into sand storms,
whirling megalithic dervishes made of pennies,
and armies of whatever animal
makes for a child
the ‘perfect pet’
carrying twigs for some anonymous god’s
in-the-wall-of-the-heart nest.

She clearly sees the collection of brooms
stood against a corner of the room
that possesses two meeting points
for one wall,
each worn down to where their straws
bunch together,
making perfect torches
for make believe cave dwellers…

A fresh, baby-blue coat of paint
swathed on a shivering,
chalk-skinned room…

The radiant heaters
that smelt a little different each year
they began turning from gun metal dark blue
to beet red,
depending on where they were stored
during the deep Springtime,
heat wave summer months
and blossom-falling-off Fall.

What brought back the memory of her?

Was it the date of today,
while the sun rose
it brought with it
the mantras of a school of manta rays
radiating a particular chorus
of disked memories
waving their thin terminations
so to glide,
slicing underwater heart currents
reserved for starting the day afresh,
into two indistinct,
feeling-never-related pieces,

and disassembling any resemblance of
that iridescent Welcome Mat
reserved for beginning the day with
pure Blank?

He and she question the same ‘thing’
on the same day,
and while being neither
inside the so-Simple
and vivisections of the sowed-Complex,
neither understand that this re-collection
has occurred without hands,
pockets, a place to go with,
a palace to flee,
a flea to buy a collar for,
a locket to unlock with an ocean’s depth
upon its hasp,
upon a numerous Ha Ha taking flight
into a lone chimney standing amongst a
jungle of blackberries
crumbling it,
scattering its story to be gatherable,
heavy pages for another Store of Stories.

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