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From Fingertips Composed

January 26, 2010

From fingertips composed of returning armies,
From fingertips composed of returning waters,
From fingertips composed of returning Graces…

They, feminine and masculine heartbeats woven
together to drum-cast through three breathing
separate bodies settling down for the evening,
keeping on the living, translucent-veined gowns
of the ethereal moth spirits covering them.

Trees older than the soil their rooted in
move aside to form an ovoid clearing
as they finish bedding down.

Soil breath,
stone breath,
fire breath,
snow breath,
ether breathing Breath breathing.

Ultraviolet yellow cobras swimming
through tall-pile carpets of themselves,
distributing glittering sunscapes lovemaking
snowflakes, twisting spiral lunar landings of
purple sonnets spoken through the eyelids gestures
of openings and closings, eyes to be found upon
feathers twirling, feathers from nowhere, not for
bird or angel, simply feathers, living dart-beings
planting themselves inside semi-dark craters,
flashing throughout millions of color schema
Earthlings have yet to lean to easels…

Holy mosquito-wing-composite Being,
made of only that part of this insect blessed
invention glory radiant!
Stepping up a mountain trail hewn
from the love to continue,
to continue to perceive love flowing,
to speak love glowing,
to lay down and become
a blue river of alabaster scarabs
being unwound from immortal wrappings,
no charms,
no protection,
no sentiments,
only youthfulness
and the courage to be
always pregnant with ease.

Holy mosquito-wing-composite Being,
made of only that part of this insect blessed
invention glory radiant!
It is carrying cisterns for fairy world droughts,
mini-solar flares of its own,
lighting granite hearts,
and bringing birds to deposit seeds
to an armored cliff side’s fissures.

Light whisperer cricket violinist twin blossoming
creeper outfitted with jasmine and honeysuckle
wrapping, unfolding knowing to dissolve voices
serious and deconstructing.

Love cradle hematite erasing,
creating threads of golden glory
for those sleeping Graces…

Mauve and tourmaline linens
under and over them,
mauve and tourmaline tablecloth,
moon dust tea,
Mars-lava plates turned on Saturn’s rings,
clamshell cups donated by Venus,
scones of moist Neptune glowing sweet,
scones of honeydew melon dreams lit,
a pitcher of ambrosia,
the same substance that keeps
Pandora’s box-hinges from squeaking.

The distance between spread out dreaming
fingertips of armies who return to depart,
The distance between spread out dreaming
fingertips of waters who return to evaporate,
The distance between spread out dreaming
fingertips of Graces who return to return…

Rose gentlenesses,
quartz through and through,
hail to the dormant!
hail to the mistakes!
hail to the wisdom showing up late!
hail to being justly beginning
in God’s blink of an eye,
flame on flaming pyre
of snowmaking burning!
angel wrapped round angel
wrapping back!
caves turned inside out,
shaking to the sky
flapping opalescent happy bats!
sand pouring from sand,
embryonic fluid filled castles
cocooned with nebulae Kings & Queens!
salt giving birth to sugar,
sugar giving birth to honeybees,
honeybees giving birth
to the realness,
to the relentlessness of I Am!

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