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That Day When Buddha Ceased

May 8, 2010

That day
when Buddha ceased
to be in human form,
the rivers swollen
with the birth of a full moon
and a swarm of locus sitting peacefully
on a stone wall
stretching for hundreds of miles,

Then the bird who simply sang all day long,
prior to the passing away of him
and far into the late evening,
as the bells around ankles gathering
could be heard mingling with its throat songs,

Pages from books
that were never witnessed as bound,
drifted in the air,
an air full of incense just caressed
by mortars and pestles freshly carved from
tiger’s eye and alabaster,

And lips sang into the sands of time,
turning those deserts of the Earth
into solid glass monoliths
for one minute’s lifespan,

Beetles paused on roses,
and noticed first ever,
the colors they were eating,
while a man about to slay another
recognized his own past-life-reflection
in that offender’s face,
fell down and begged him for such mercy
that the ground gave away slightly,
in an empathetic gasp,
revealing a gold mine.

Waves embraced one another
while not stirring an inch,
noticing Intent as coolness
and love as Warmth’s lament,

Sea urchins changed color
and stayed that hue since then,
water trickled under a dead man’s feet
and turned to pools of white wine
containing white diamonds,

Lovers kissing
dissolved into clouds
and for awhile
all exhales from every newborn being
became perfume for those suffering
in their depth-markets far away,
spinning into what the Universe
has dealt them as this life as it is.

Moments and new sails, the same.
Arrests and meditation, the same.
Markets and Death’s victories, the same.
Farms and learning how to walk, the same.
Prisons and the maternity wards, the same.
Water and the tears of fire, the same.

The eagle’s breast broadened
and held itself there in the dark,
pitch-ink-night held its outstretched wings
to the rising moons of Jupiter
and sung its flight into the throats
of one hundred angels
spooning Love’s nectar from galaxies
imploding so to cover Buddha’s eyes
with the smoothest glitter
their mere tininess could muster
on such short notice ,

An ant scampered across a kitchen floor
and rested awhile,
the anteater bowed,
the cobra bowed,
the weather blew in
through the back door left open
and the coolness
of a marble table began to sing,
lulling these lovers to sleep,

A lotus wilted
and sprouted arms and legs,
walking the graveyards
looking for a whispering goddess,
one reputed to play only broken harps
and while seated on a throne of promises
designed by The Fates never to be fulfilled,

Bowls spoke bowl to the plates
and plates spoke rack to the hanging pots,
while the cups tasted themselves underwater,
water bubbles carried their self-opinions above,
letting them go
as fast as their enlightenments could realize
that they were all from the same clay-gatherer’s
potter’s wheel,
and the same from her river bank
and from her footsteps
delivering them to the disk of god’s
wondrous spinning steel drumbeat smooth.

Chiming could be heard within solid rocks,
poems were being pronounced
from the shells of two-day-old hatched peacocks,

Children found themselves
on the roofs of childless homes,
waking to Venus staring,
singing, love, love, love…

All this within the first second
of Buddha’s passing,
though this is nothing,
as the heart hinges on a portal never
having any other door
than Conscience per its deeds being
the locks and keys to riches and poorer,
the thankful portals and the pleading to
lead somewhere meaningful,

And as that soul pleased itself
before all gods and goddesses,
there awoke a galaxy
to commit to that being
who had been its wishing-star,
neither scorned or known enough
to develop any hesitating in its heart-center
stirring circular or to bring pause
in its ability to obey God’s legions of love
and compassionate entities
so to serve such a one
as this singular god-song,

Clocks awoke
and dropped their numbers,
pigeons flocked to wake the hawk,
who woke to wake the falcon’s tether,
that broke when it drove to soar
as far as the atmosphere reached
with one cell of Buddha’s laughing lips
at a time
until completed on the day
of this world’s union with Final
and Final’s union with Beginning’s
pregnancy of it.

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