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I Awoke, It Was Late

February 1, 2005

I awoke, it was late evening in the jungle and in myself.

There were soft presses on my chest and legs, periodically, not rhythmical.

The moon had risen far ahead of me, sitting up in its one, great, Plain White,

Saying ‘new beginning, new beginning’, so many times, that I wondered if it had noticed that in-between saying the phrase (so many times) that there remained What It Was, that is, the moon itself saying ‘new beginning’ over and over again?

I slowly tilted my head up a little and noticed lions crossing over me,

literally crossing, often going from side to side, other times a shadow and a little heat from one stomach or chest would brush my face as they passed from head to foot.

I had lifted my head a little when I felt a quick thump on the back of my neck, then a sudden oomph on my stomach and thighs.

The moon was nearly out of being full and a good light was shinning through the bramble’d umbrella tree-tops. Although nighttime, the moon possessed that sort of light whereby distinct colors could be made out, and there was no mistake that this particular ‘lion’, which had now tripped over my raised up head, was a bangle tiger and not a lion at all.

Orange and Black called out to me in such unison that my chest expanded on its own account, not necessarily as a defensive reaction, rather as an offering, a getting ready for something by heading out the heart first, and perhaps an imitation subliminally learnt from the forward thrust’d chests occupied in those lions who had been passing over me for so long this restless night.

It lay there awhile, seeming to catch its breath, readjusting its body, one leg a little out of unison with the other, one paw clutched under its chest, another on my knee-cap: this was no wondrous, frozen-jointed-Sphinx.

Its impression taught me something, though less classical; I quickly learned that Rest and Attention are things not simply ‘gotten into’, instead they’re signs and symbols from a deeper place where there are aims, ambitions and earned hungers that leap out from Rest and Attention

to do things,

to truly not ‘get something done’,


to create ‘done’

so that some less masterful creature might learn

a greater lesson about itself, its humble place in

proximity to Life’s greater roles than the individual’s

attachment to its own advancing footprint or that of another’s.

I lay awhile simply looking at the enormously warm creature,

then said softly ~ As soft as one might suppose the voice to be while understanding that a bangle tiger was stretched out beneath it ~

I would not have figured you the clumsy type.”

{By the way, the lions didn’t stop stepping over us during this brief meeting, as I lay my head back down, tilted so that I could see ahead of my chest.}

The tiger replied ~

I’m not; I saw your head rise up, awake, like a sudden ball, and thought we might mix a little.”

Only Gods keep such game scores as these: to be rolled around like this is loving.

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