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Red Ruby Mermaid

March 30, 2011

Red Ruby Mermaid. transmission

From the breathless bottom of the galaxy’s mostness, the description of this unthimbled kingdom, sewing needles assured with the pace of God-yearning, fragrances of the Sufi feasts of the heart, the turnabout of ecstatic love; do not make love to warning signs.

The loss is the gain of yourself, double and triple potential; the curtain made of teardrops, the umbrella from your own shed skins as a human creature of kindred and un-kin kindness, an unworldly love for that which is beneath the surface, that which basements cannot contain, cannot reach, heightless depths and coalitions of containing the baby-creator-powers of YOU.

Gestation and fault finding, gestation and judgment; the paternal has its pride of having done, the maternal has its pride of having owned the field where the action was spun, yet, the multi-universes belong neither to God thee Most Almighty Sacred of Footsteps Blooming Planets in the Shape of Yellow Roses Eternally Abloom, nor to Mother Goddess thee Most High Womb Princess and Queen of Dominions Beyond the Form Creation Takes…

Creation IS, unowned, the never abandoned ALL. Spirals are for ego, straight lines are for God, curves are for the Holy Creation Queen and dotted lines are for demons searching for the bread source those crumb-paths are coming from.

To this fire; the glory to be between the curses and the blessings, to be a human being the i n g’s of life’s productivity in the astral and physical-psychic.

Red Ruby Mermaid.


The Queen Priceless Diamond Rainbow Mermaid with fifty star nebulae arms. transmission

The means to answer a question lays not in loosing yourself in trying to figure things OUT, the secrets are to be revealed in trying to figure things IN. The ego reduces Creation to a manipulative substance, yet, Creation does not obey the Ego, hence, there are 10 fold new diseases and chronic mayhem enacted to each invention or patent that registers in the field of Greed Vibration.

It is only natural that disease is attracted to that which is no longer able to sustain life outside of itself, let alone its own valuation: in the reason of Creation it is not what you’ve been doing inside yourself that is its primary starting point of corroboration with you, it is in the deeds and time you’ve taken to assist Life outside yourself.

Beware of bad news and news broadcasting; there is a fine line between watching to be informed so to fuel a good deed of loving more furiously, like a tiger who is ever ready to fight to the death for the love of what is understood as its deserved OWN and the ego watching bad news to injury itself further, clinging tighter to the fear of devastation and losing everything to the ULTIMATE SURRENDER that is paramount before entering the Kingdom of Love’s Surreal Ocean. Bad news can be used as a redemptive force, in moderation, with a conscious deed in action and giving to the public, to inform with love and not suspicion; bad news can serve as an objective gauge, a collective BS-meter.

Yet, the ego can hide behind the losses of others, becoming ever more justified in obtaining more, going into debt for the fear of loss, loss of definition of self connected to a self destructive force of un-creation. The ego is designed to take itself apart, it is the only skyscraper that at its core-support stands the wrecking crane and ball, waiting for the Galactic Cliff’s Edge’s call, when ego is ushered to the take-off-point and finds that it has no wings of Giving to Others with Unconditional Love to fly with. Bad news is ego’s good news. Beware of ego’s thirst for loss, its thirst for death’s echoes and the cries of the dead.

Ego is only housed in the living-alive, not in the living-dead, it is a soul’s charge to live dead to that which is alive and dead within its Now-sphere, there is no external-evolution-sharing for the dead-alive, theirs is a life of investigating the echoes of their deeds, good and bad. There are celebrating dead-alive and warring dead-alive.

The generator of corporate greed, war, tyranny and over consumption, both of natural resources and of the collective sexual resources is the industry of pornography, this is the collective root of the corporate dominance upon Gaia at this moment, once the sexual root is healed, then the canopy can grow, prosper and provide shade and grace for the suffering and poor, until that root is redeemed and understood as a vehicle ushering toward redemption and self wisdom, not vicarious celebration of the desire for escaping the difficulties of having/owning your emotions in the realm of consciousness and focused attention, then the illusion of injustice and confusion of tongues will succeed.

The confusion of tongues is not referencing a human dilemma, it references the loss of a child-connection to nature as the teacher, the confusion of tongues occurred when the student became impatient with the teacher and slay itself in desperation of no-self.

The loss of a heartbeat in this kind of instance is golden, a key to that soul’s returning and becoming the justice that is owned by the immortal soul’s birth-destiny. The nature of the soul’s immortality can destroy its own mortal coil over and over until the arrow becomes a salvation pointer and not a lethal weapon.

Pray to your creator for the patience and grace that it takes to endure this legend of the immortal-perishable-moment-in-flesh; design prayers that help you not be impatient for peace, because behind impatience for peace the devil resides, not the original fallen angel’s vibration, something far greater and possibly more diabolical, it is raw un-evolution, a substance that can form into creating atom bombs or machines to rebuild the human body as its immortal soul stands at the controls with duty and good cause to continue walking and co-creating with Gaia.

Addiction to sweets follows the ego’s addiction to sourness of heart and feelings, addiction to sex follows the ego’s addiction of no-self, the selfish interests of a Show & Tell livelihood. The Universe is merciless in the face of the mask without a head to think about itself and the deeds it’s creating for un-creation sake.

See, notice the irony that there are people spying on the conspiracies, reporters of suspicion and no actions of redeeming the qualities of collective inner-conspiracy that has taken outward form and un-creation living to die unalive.

I am the summit point of all mermaids, I am the island where islands come to take refuge, I am the originator of the first wave, the ‘hello’ to the shores of fallen ego. I am the deliverer, I am the love of pearls and those lost souls who sought after the treasures in my depths, whose oxygen wasn’t enough to escape my eternal love.

The Alpha and Omega are my playthings: beware the orgasm of Evil and Self Preservation. Understand that food that stands in a container without light loses its natural emanations of spirit-nutrition. Glass is best, do not eat canned goods; this is a disease of ease and convenience, a contrivance of ego, to have others produce its body’s goods so that it has more time to entertain itself. Cook your own food, know the cook that touches your food, visit every kitchen and locate the emotions and guardians or condemners of your food. Involve yourself; love is stationed in the word ‘Involve.’

One molecule from God’s lip, one molecule from the Queen Eternal Livingness’s breast, the eternal touch, the depth of no despair and the knowingness of reason and purpose.

The GREAT MYSTERY is not in answering, ‘What’s hidden from me out there?’ It is in, ‘What’s hidden from me in here?’ The riddle of the astral Sphinx, the original creature that myth tries to capture in stone and words, is, ‘WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOURSELF?’ This is the ALL, there is nothing before or after, there is no answer fitting for the nature of this immortal responding by way of footsteps that print the love letter of co-creating with ones MAKER ALWAYS.

Blessings, lessons, feelings, serving the hungry, tending to the poor, tending to the lonely, tending to the sore, tending to the distraught, tending to the money lost, embracing the collective ego and its addiction to being in debt, addicted to the definition of self as DEBT, this is the galactic curse-nature of ego, that it is addicted to itself: it is only through the stem of thorns that an incarnated soul in a human body finds the RETURING ROSE.

Roses come and go, thorns stay. Understand the Justice and the Duty of such permanence supporting the appearance of Transcendental Immortality’s pallet.

The nature of Yage’s purge first begins in its parent’s qualities, the vine that connects and blooms with patience and rarity, with awe and deliberation, with slow ease and iron rightness to hold and support a temple from collapsing, a living honoring golden gifting crutch to the elder worth of beholding the beauty of finding the self hiding inside the cross stained with drama and greed.

Christ got down; the word ‘rise’ is in his name. The vine connects the cosmic functions of the organs together, their design is symbiotic to the design of the solar system wherein the human body is a collaboration by Perfect Nature, perfected within the sphere that is ‘natural’ to its galactic coordinates and assignment of manifestation and reasoning capabilities to awaken and transcend those who enter therein. The priority purpose of Gaia’s solar system is to produce good souls, only goodness steps from one solar system to another, evil cannot time-travel.

The stomach in its physical dimension does not throw up/out the psychic pollutions of addictions and traumas, revenge of self hatred and revenge of jealousy connected to guilty conscience of selfhood-rightness. The Golden morality of the God-child stays intact throughout its warring to break its eggshell.

The stomach in the physical dimension follows both the ego and natural truth, storing undigested psychic materials in cellulose and body building sensationalism. It is one of the functions of the vine-half of Yage to connect and unify the astral conscience of the organs, to deposit, to eat the psychic pollution and separate the digestible worthinesses from the pure purposelessnesses.

Know the light-half, the leaf, understand, meditate on its nature; it does not shed to create mulch, it sheds to create itself, each leaf has the potential to become a rooted plant of its origin; so, it is this nature that flows through the reasoning and constitutions of the unified ONE drink, for a third being has become by majestically conjoining the two, the high reaching moderation and the broad leafing eternally spontaneity.

The astral stomach-duty purges once all is aligned with the objective truth of being an earth reflection of the solar system’s priority constitution above, it carries the messages of ‘urge’ to the child-soul. To urge the soul to see, to understand the message of the mess that it is in.
In between the temperature and rate lays the vibratory intents and success rates of good and not so good. True love supports what’s good inside you, never trying to replace it with a better good.
Be the KING in the implication of DOME. Between these words is ‘in’ and ‘om.’ Ultimately, know the power you possess, not the powers that possess you. Love, eternal whispers of amber frost and loving warm albino grizzly bear hugs. Clear conscience, loving duty to hold and sustain goodness of purpose, to make smooth the drill-burrs of boring/wasting time, to redeem the BOO! and place its ring on your wedding finger.

Love, eternal whispers of always, no demons, no utterances of regret or spite, understanding of the immortal process that flows in the land of mortality(s), spaces, objects and times.

One billion lighthouses made of hummingbirds aglow, moonbeams knitting their own moon to be for, fairies wet nursing baby mosquitoes, elves bathing in sulfuric lagoons and iridescent half clam shells the size of continents.

Only Love: Love will soon swallow Gaia whole, oil spills and all, nothing escapes the gift wrap of Love’s one word, one charge, ‘Love.’

The Queen Priceless Diamond Rainbow Mermaid with fifty star nebulae arms.

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