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October 06, 2012 | | Comments 1

The Story

October 6, 2012

The story began as dolphins leaped and starfish shook hands, real starfish-hands, not make-believe ones, we’ve entered that already very real place, where dents are ears listening to the anger that conjured them nearer. We’re that close to God’s window right now and always, in the silence of a dandelion or siren letting go, offering and warning, giving and scorching, where elation and gratitude breathe breath to galaxy seedlings and nebulae aching to stand up. This is the place I planned to go to one evening, quiet and a little desperate for attention and glad that there were Welcome-mats surrounding his humble home, a living heart in the shape of a home, thumping me nearer and nearer, a cascading magnet of love and I, a new ancient-I am, a thin metallic newspaper of myself, laughing and crying, elated and lying. I knocked and he didn’t ask, ‘Who is it?’ I was afforded that much and much, much more. He didn’t ask, ‘What do you want?’ either, I knew and he did too, this would be the sort of evening visit that could wake grizzly bears in February, one eyed-open looking to simply check to see if ‘the cave’ was still on Earth and not Neptune or Pluto, so to reassuringly fall back into sleep and lay gentle hold to the meadows awake, eternal with lushness and graduation of worth. “Yes! Graduation, that’s worthy!” I thought. ‘So is failure and F’s’, said God, ‘‘F’ is very close to the beginning of the word you all call me.’ And I laughed a nervous laugh and he said, ‘Why not laugh as loud as you feel near to me?’ And I died. That was the answer to how loud I could not go with the body Creation had afforded me at the time, so God smiled and had me fly back as a peacock and my thirst was quenched for a time as the sun lay down and my dreams leapt with dolphins and starfish smiling, clasping their agreements made by starfish-integrities so well rounded.

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