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November 23, 2012 | | Comments 1

Voiceless, She Stepped

November 23, 2012

Voiceless, she stepped, then paused, ethereal bears tumbling over underwater tree trunks looking for spirit honey bee rewards,
Life-filled she breathed out vibrancy into the waters of kinship and pliable majesticnesses, her hands warmed by the companionship of twin unicorns with gills,
Dreaming, sent to the Earth’s surface from Gaia’s garden-mind, she kept stepping forth, hovering just beneath the surface of the obvious choices, the obvious common sense, the obvious mysteriousness of timing, fate and karmic lattices made of living kelp and immortally sprouting coral reefs,
Slowly her mind awoke and the sea turned its eyes to her lids fluttering, humpback whales sang and coconut trees on deserted islands emptied themselves of their weight so that tides could carry their offerings of sweetness to her, as near to her reach as possible,
The sea kept turning and turning, its eyes moving forth in the form of tidal waves of silent, soft caresses and for a moment, as she rose to the surface, all the oceans of the world became calm, mirror-smooth, so that as her eyes fully opened in conjunction with the rising sun’s outlaid hands she could see herself reflected as the whole world’s daughter, as the whole world’s kingdom-child empress, arrived, doubled crowned with dawn and dusk paused, twinkling, full.

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  1. Nice Michael

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