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I Want To Say Some Things To You

September 9-10, 2015

I want to say some things to you in-between a
poem’s birth-strokes,
I want to guess while knowing all the while,
I want to love and reach out into the inside,
I lean into this and trust every move you make
when standing exactly still to the outside world,

The Secret Drummer in your chest calls to me,
The Secret Taste inside your mouth washes
through me like wet lightning across a pond of
quiet, molten steel,
The Secret Feelings between us are howling to a
moon that’s been sculpted, split in two and
ivory-conserved as our skeletons,

Our lives are the ornaments hanging on its tree,
We’re the gifts under and above them,
Our smiles remind me how to let go of everything,
That Nothing is where it’s at,
That getting somewhere leads right back around
to where it started, yet the weather changes, Time
grades blank papers with A’s and someone calls
another 365 days by a different numerical name,

It begins like this ~

I’m talking in the dark to a listener on the roof,
It keeps itself warm by my chimney,
It communicates to fireflies, neighborhood
echoes and white noises coming from overhead
appointments at the forefront of jet streams,

You touch, you quench, you position, you receive,
You dare and you believe,
You wonder and I change from Winter to Summer
in your affections,

The warming body by the chimney, it holds my
soul in its beak,
The sky is twirling red, crimson, burgundy, ruby,
pink and a frosted-blood-orange color,

I’m at the end of my own kaleidoscope, sitting still,
Looking to look, freedom-ing to free and day-dreaming
of full-lunar avalanches riding on single snowflakes
to the Snow Queen’s garden and un-meaning,

I see you again in my mind’s eye and remember those
five days to Forever’s weathervane,
Gratitude and wondrousness, peace and equal shadow-
We are blessed by balance and wise scorpions,
Green rose-petals and promises touching themselves
with twilights and nocturnes simultaneously,

A fading King sits on a seamless, wrinkle-free throne,
A fading Queen sits on a seamless, wrinkle-free throne,
Yet, their reflections are ageless, loving, questing and
unquestionably drought tolerant,
Because Love drips endlessly in the caverns of
Forgiveness, Endurance and Understanding,

The stairway to my heart is spiral,
You are that DNA that walks up me,
Creating as you go,
Lamplight of the soul,
Kiss of kisses,
Mistress of never missing,

Witness of roaming spirits,
Your inhales and exhales at peace with the
whole of a portion of this world called ‘I am’,
Body-less and that thinness which shines atop
a razor’s edge as the sharpest minutia,

The scent of a red rose on the battlefield, before,
during and after,
The sunlight in Awe’s open mouth,
The moonlight in the privacies of Nocturne’s
quietest test, estimated, mated, ate and perfected.


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