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October 28, 2008 | | Comments 0

Eventually It Will Happen On Its Own

October 28, 2008

Eventually it will happen on its own,
like a jagged piece of granite arguing face to face
with the smoother ones that the current is too fast:
it’s not the current is it?

Once the rough edges are taken down,
it settles amongst the others and the water
has nothing to grab onto,
and then, right there,
the echoes begin to sound and reverberate within its ‘chest’;
it has stopped ‘clinking and clamoring’,
not of its own free will,
and What Happens has delivered it to the doorstep of
redemption’s utter realization,

That you are it and all these you’re amongst are all
from one great granite boulder, somewhere way up high,
above the water,
above the clouds even…

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