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One day a small town awoke…

October 23, 2008

One day a small town awoke to a peddler peddling a new method of fortune telling; the day went by very slow because the peddler never stopped his team of horses…

So, round and round he went, inspecting the population’s numbers, as they grew on the town square from curiosity and a positive sort of irritated, impatient inquisitiveness…

It was around about the time of 11PM when the little wagon finally came to a stand still, spoons went silent, bottles of cider stopped chugging themselves and the horses finally got to give the town Smithy a few ‘right’ winks and off he was to fashion them secret, new U-shoes…

The peddler announced to the town that he’d recently left from Tibet, a lowly country and right on the brink of destruction, till his method saved them…

Through the night he spoke, made strong coffee and traditional Ottoman baklava; it wasn’t until the mid morning of the next day, while the hardiest of the township were still standing, that he revealed his secret method…

It went like this ~

He had devised a new way of fortune telling, by classifying and interpreting the numerous designs on the upper roof of a person’s mouth. Now, the foolproof way of achieving excellent examples of this method was for the town’s elders to hand over to him there false teeth, so that he could take impressions of the false teeth’s convex backside…

So, as an experiment, all the elders gave him their teeth, while he gave them in return ‘temporary gum sheaths’ until he was ready with their fortunes…

So, the days and nights went on and those who were left out of this experimentation became extraordinarily suspicious of the elders ‘pact’ with the peddler and demanded he read their fortunes too: he coolly explained to them that the tried and true method of reading the roof imprints of the human intake orifice was foolproof for the reader too and that only by reading ‘both’ the real imprint from the false teeth’s topside (alongside) the prophetically accidental ones that formed on the false teeth’s underside, could he form the appropriate cosmic marriage-message and massage for their aching souls.

So, unable to live inside this new lifestyle of extraordinary rave jealousy, fevered anticipation and suspicion, the town mayor (and police department) ordered everyone to get false teeth…

By and large, the town dentist had always been an archetypal mixture of agony and ecstasy, and, of course, just down right primordial fear for those who weren’t yet clever enough to request more morphine at the time of extraction: though, on this occasion, he was christened by the town Bishop a living Saint, The Saint of Mortal, Anonymous Teeth and Monogrammed, Immortal Celestial Dentures…

The town marched to the summit where the peddler had been rumored to be slaving over the Elder’s impressions now for nearly 3 months (and a note on the wagon announced that he was nearly ready with his first reading of 12 to go)…

Into his ‘Deposit Box’ they silently placed their immortal, monogrammed impressions wrapped in cotton, linen, silk and burlap, so not to disturb his work or nap, whichever came first (or last).

And so, the town went about their business and didn’t blink an eye towards Peddler’s Peak till the day a snowman was found wearing a mismatched set of immortal dentures…

So, they marched, slipping and sliding up that hill, to the little wagon, broke open the door to find…

Now, those horses; some little rascal was contrary enough to yank off the stallion pair’s heavy woolen blankets that had been keeping them mostly covered for the past 5 months, to find there the answer to the riddle of where the town’s Liberty Bell had disappeared to: two perfectly (smithy forged) horses sat there, their bodies built from the bell’s enormous girth.

To inside the wagon…

Three letters of resignation were found, one from the dentist, the smithy and the peddler: they hurriedly described something concerning a journey to a stable, a birth, and a star needing to be followed… No dates, no maps and no signatures; no nothing inside the little wagon.

Outside, inside the Deposit Box, was found a family of ground squirrels, nestled amongst several hundreds of shredded dentures and immortal teeth: they’d given birth in the middle of winter to ‘pups’, which, for the townspeople, was a sign of heavenly favor: so, they patiently moved underground…

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