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January 19, 2017 | | Comments 0

I Remember When

January 19, 2017

I remember when the pine needles would flounder
and wisp, crumble, fracture and dull in between us,
When raindrops would wake me at night and cover
you in snow on the mornings,

The sun came and went, the moon rode on the back
of a camel named ‘Moses’ and the meadows bowed
to something called a ‘Princess’,

I remember her pet dragon called ‘Wisp’ and her
favorite doll named ‘Benjamin’, how I wrapped around
the elder lizard’s scales hundreds of years later and how
Benjamin’s cotton caressed me in the tall, dark grass that
bent this way and that under the breath of howling white
wolves and quicksilver walruses battling for the Snowflake
Queen’s attentions,

Benjamin slowly disappeared underground, becoming
the temporary fur coats of a many pink mouse-babies,
His eyes, being diamonds, sunk deep, back to the palms
of the fire fairies who filed them down like river stones
and frosted them anew again,

Quietness came and my voice I heard from a place of
recognizing it as Once Upon A Time,
A cloud passed across my throat, like a pregnant anaconda,
I shivered and became a volcano,
I melted and erupted; I solidified and helped fold continents
in upon themselves, like I did that love letter I left on
Cleopatra’s sheets,

I believe I’ve always been a phantom; yet, I’m in love with
the worlds of solids, so, my heart must be a contradiction
or at best, I am my heart and this ghostly essence I call ‘I am’
is some sort of atmosphere, a gaseous something that feeds,
houses, imbues and teaches by echoing my inner choices and
their deeds completed and in thump-living flight,

I hear a weathervane turning, ever so slowly,
I’m a raven, I’m a Victorian home, I’m something called a
‘Coal miner’, gladly lost in labor, money and the stewardship
of three beautiful children,
Then I see them one night by my headlamp, working late and
alone, the two rough diamonds who had been Benjamin’s
sight, eye-flight and sparkle,
I held my breath, I held my heart, I held myself in the deep,
deep dark,
I reached out and touched them gently, pushing them further
down an unreachable bend belonging to an indiscernible

I could smell for a moment, the perfume of a newborn
I could hear baby great white sharks heartbeats inside their
feeding clan of mothers seal-feasting frenzy,
I could taste the Tibetan springtime icy streams and the
sections where they pass through meadows of moss and
I could see behind Locality itself and smiled a little after
remembering I had left a very rare comic book back there,
I could feel the homelessness inside billionaires,
I could sense how the Cyclops’ eye evolved as one and not
I understood that these sensations were ancestors of mine
at play inside my velvet drumbeat’s sonic waves,

Across the pond I came to you in ripples,
And to your lips I brought color, shape and liveliness,
Even a quiver on that December night when Santa was
discovered and Rudolph’s hoofs shape-shifted into a
pair of five fingered white lights, coaxing you back to
sleep and into dream, as the shape of me gift-wrapped
everything else in closed eyed sight,

You awoke the next morning covered in snow,
The surprise never seems to get old,
Yes, you were a child yesterday,
Of course I’m asleep again, as usual, because your
rain kept me up all night,

I’m dreaming as your warm lips hang over me like
a pregnant anaconda,
I feel your humidity rummaging around in your cold-
blooded black-scaled swamp gown,
Any second now, you’ll kiss me awake and find my
love letter on your bed again for the first time.


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