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January 24, 2017 | | Comments 0

The Sun Just Went Down

January 24, 2017

The sun just went down, while the usual frogs are
climbing up and relentlessly in tune with the Chaos
Conductor, Love’s older sister’s nephew’s brother…

Grand vulture, protect me and my mind’s eyes’ shedding,
How the wild winds cut through the hardest of Nature’s
bramble-jungles, like a flame making love to a Margarine-
knight in an igloo-castle-keep,

Great walrus; dive deep, past my identity and tell me
something I already know but have forgotten it was my
favorite kept secret as a child, as we were children together,
but separated by the amnesia of Distance and body-form-
I, a love-letter enveloped in air,
You, a bright white, ivory pronouncement inside a liquid
sun of salt water and fluidity-beings,

Enveloping clan of chickadees, high in the oaks of my
bright and shaded pathways, sing louder than Life itself,
ring in the ring-less wedding, the naked, living, breathing
deathbed of birth-rewards and birth-begetting,
Crack the seamless denying and let flow the stuck onyx,
the Ink-master hidden inside the ballpoint pen’s spherical

There are fields, grown over pathways, tunnels that
funnel through thickets of blooming, anonymous
flowers in valley-canyons damp and deep with lovers
footsteps filled with sand, moss, ants lifting their picnic
crumbs up and over,

An intentionally spilled bottle of perfume, is being rolled
this way and that, by breezes and platoons of antennae,
Its essential essence of jasmine, citrus and frankincense
savors the air-transit back to where it was born into medium, soothsayer and candlelight whisperer, reposed inside the
lungs of Invisibility, curled loosely around a fully opened rose,
neither identified as a color, type, occasion or persuasion,

Decaying kitten, I saw you today and have been spying your
existence-trophy for three weeks now, while traveling along
your guard-railed highway, open-air mortuary,
It perplexes me every time, the image of Innocence you and
Circumstance have painted, imbued with a time-limit, with a
body that says ‘I felt the rain, weight, motion, senses, wonder,
focus, sleep and waking, birth and motionless awe beside
the gift called ‘cat’, ‘feline’ and ‘purr’.’,

Spilling out with feelings unchecked, I’m revealed,
Some post ‘Beware’, some respond, ‘Out for Lunch’,
others ‘Come on In, I’m in the front of the Back’,
I stand halfway in the waterfall and halfway within those
fantasies singing inside Water’s daydreaming actions of
up and down, evaporation and weeping clowns,

There’s a shyness of embitterment and satiation telling
Sweetness how horses gallop for sugar cubes, then stand
and wait at their fence’s soft symbol of boundary,
It tells that honey-essence-spheres are harder to manufacture
for the tea and coffee industry, yet, it’s not really true…

So, romance is framed by the consent of changing Reality
and Reality patiently undresses while on fire, making it look
easier than being on fire by surprise, and this is truer than
words can describe,

Doors fold and unfold as the heartbeat warms, lessens,
strengthens and cools,
Windows are torn asunder, refitted, enlarged, converted
to machine-gun portals, atriums for Latin-named saplings
and you, slightly leaning out to look around the house’s
edge, lover of that which has yet to come, feeler of the
vibrations of wonder and twilight sea foam,
Wisdom entangled and emerald forest child begun.


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