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February 05, 2017 | | Comments 0

Turning A New Leaf

January 6 (and February 5), 2017


Turning a new leaf,

Lighting a yellow planet on fire with a snowflake-
bridge’s wish-come-true, an artifact gifted from an
Arctic kingdom’s clan of queens hued in lavender-blue,

Dedication calls and it’s answered,
A sun opens its body of eyes, while the momentary
evaporation of promises-not-kept releases an imprisoned
Judge to crawl successfully out of coma and into full
flower and bright moon beams,

Footsteps through solid walls,
Forgiveness dedicates a dance for the eyes of the young
and old,
What is foretold crumbles into Nocturne’s howling
breath whisper bold,
Hands clasp as locks dissolve, the attempts have watered
the secret desert and blossoms now bring blush to elder,
tortoise eyes,

The white magic of a twilight-apology to oneself,
Secrets not admitted, leak out of the eyes, while their
mouths fool themselves into platinum editions of thin-
And that’s ok, those clouds that have silver linings attract
lovers who pull tarnish from Fright and loneliness from
silent, locked-to-itself Ambition,

Her nature and her mind’s eye rising upon the Winter-
owl’s breast, at rest and enveloped in Love’s warranties
Thought to ache, aching to felt presence, what’s gone
is downriver, frozen,
She reaches out to nurture him and feels his nature
vividly sparkle inside her bone marrow cores,

A pink wheelbarrow filled with green apples and
laughing babies overflowing with emerald oceans,
jet streams of pearls and butterfly channels cut straight
through meteorite castles and asteroid forests,

A black pony curled asleep in the lap of a flower-
goddess disguised as an island of phosphorescent sand,
The swirls upon the grounds here are where the souls
of jellyfish danced and seagull-ghosts roamed, arm in arm
alongside them, exploring dreams interrupted, though
continuing still, transparently overlain upon the Dreamer’s
day-tolls, bedside sighs of welcome and honey-lips dripping

Where to start and where to conjoin twins?
Letting go, reaching out from the middle, beginning
and end,
Lapis Lazuli caterpillars and fern-groves glowing
with a story to begin,

The Fog-Empress sees,
The Mist-Emperor rises and glides through Fate,
Fault and dimensions dedicated to pastures of time,
Their children reach from waterfalls, taking hold of
grey-hued souls and pain that Red, Violet and Black
have mentioned is beyond hope,

The Wheel of Time issues forth mountains of moments
standing still, rivers of inverted landscapes and voices
jumping in and out of totem poles sipping quiet fire,
A naked body floats on a stream of golden rose petals,
A question turns the water flow into a pregnant figure-
A carbon-bodied nun with bat wings and an overcoat
with halos for sale hung in its lining all the way around,
lands on a lava flow and freezes it still,
A white leopard leaps backwards at the crack of thunder,
while Thor licks a stamp and mails himself to another
solar system who’s calling for more atmospheric lords,

You leaned into the wind, while standing upon an edge
of a canyon’s chasm deep,
I listened from my cliff-side cave for the change that
traditionally falls from people’s pocket keeps and heard
Inquisitive and filled with wonder I crawled, writhed, flew,
climbed, reached and pulled myself to your side in the
secret nautilus-shell echo-cloak of the roaring wind’s road
Of course! I smiled, you were naked and facing me with
your great, giant dragon eyes, wreathed with sleeping fairies
curled up, safe, warm and sound within the deep fissures
of your transparent scales, your vulnerable armor through
which hurricanes glide through uninterrupted.


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