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February 06, 2017 | | Comments 0

There Is A Place Inside A Place

February 6, 2017

There is a place inside a place full of grace and
wise old beings who are finished with races,

There is a well, a deep, deep chasm in the earth of
earths, inside the core of cores and door of doors,
It is covered in lush, bright green moss and ferns,
It burns with quenching giving,
It blushes when the moon skinny-dips in Universes

There is a lake of a lake in a lake for a lake,
Its breathing breath swells and quells, it supports
black and white swans with necks entwined and
retired angels napping on its shores,

A white hippopotamus glides across the Milky Way
when telescopes are not looking, dropping fine jewelry,
lace, shooting stars and seeds from the shores of god-
hideouts, behind, she knows them all,

There is a child of a child for a child inside a child’s
doll-eyes symbolizing a child’s,
Its hand is eternally held out to the warmth, to the
rain that conjures grass and dandelions to grow,
Its eyes are wholesome, its voice clear and soft, its
understanding steady and its heartbeat holds a solid
gold weathervane glowing with rainbows, unicorns
galloping and trolls covered in love, flowers and diamonds,

Here is eyesight, here is hearing, here is touch, smell, taste
and inner-feeling,
Here is a see-through lion and a tiger made of snowflakes,
Here is a boat that only floats through solid stone, here is
a goat that’s blind on the outside and sees god’s dreams on
the inside before heaven does,
Here is a cabin and a craft and a love and an envelope
addressed to Begging beggars belittling bashful brown bears
barely blessed because between before and because they bore
nothing but sweetness and an appetite for butter and honey,

Here is a first and a last an in between, a bottle of lavender
oil and a fruit bowl sprouting vegetables,
Your signature awakens and scurries off the page,
Wide-eyed and wondrous, you’re frozen in mystified make
You finally utter a peep as it crouches at the open window,
sprouts wings and flies away,

Whatever was, is and will ever be,
Whatever wasn’t was someone else’s dream come true,
Make believe is only a phrase based on not knowing who
your neighbors are and what they’re up to…


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