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February 07, 2017 | | Comments 0

The Sun’s Going Down

February 7, 2017

The sun’s going down and a pack of brightly colored
clowns are seen running at top speed through Mr.
McFadden’s raspberry farm, their clothes being torn
off with each leap, wiggle, shake and rake they make.
An owl is startled from its ground-nest keep, spreads
its wings and soars into the crowded black-bird sky.
The ravens have heard of this legend, but have never
seen one. They part; it turns its head backwards in mid-
flight and blinks. The inky witnesses nearly faint and
loose a little altitude. Note-to-selves ~ ‘Add that to the

A little boy is seen hugging his father and crying. His
father is explaining why he was never there by saying,
“It was too good to be true.” And the son replies, ‘I find
that hard to believe daddy.’ Four wolverines appear out
from behind a thick hedge of juniper trees, each strapped
with a long series of saddles along the entire length of
their spines. There are 25 sitting rainbow-dwarf-gnomes
per wolverine, all wielding musical instruments, flower
bouquets and bottles of rose wine and Milky Way-oil.
An oak tree crashes through the middle of them and all
goes quiet for awhile. No one is hurt and the party begins.
Another stubborn tree house has been put to rest. Earth-
worms stand straight up, out of the ground and dance,
wearing mushroom helmets dipped in gold and effervescence.
A woodpecker swarm descends upon the fallen tree and in one
great frenzy, it disappears from sight, as the worms work to
pass its granulated body through their own, ejecting fertile
soil out.

A bald eagle lands on the lap of an old grizzly bear sitting
in a rocking chair. The bear has taken up residence in its
hunter’s house. It’s a secret place, one where you have to
pass through a waterfall to find. Nobody knows of this cabin,
except a grizzly bear and its bald eagle soul-mate.
The hunter disappeared one night after apparently surprising
a certain something called a ‘Diana’, who, instead of its usual
pack of canine’s was totally alone and had to dish out a lot of
diamonds, black pearls, salmon and honey to hire an anonymous
couple who happened to be passing by simultaneously to the
hunter’s exit, to locate said, ‘I didn’t know you were there’ and
‘Love at first sight.’
No one in Nature can say who it was exactly; it was so long
ago, but many eagles not wearing the jewelry of a goddess know
who it isn’t and wasn’t, while there’s a bear out there somewhere,
that some rumors say, will never be and was ever again, bee stung
for the sake of hunting and finding honey.

A naked pirate washes up on shore, stands and staggers a little
ways; then lays down and begins fornicating the sand. A
beautiful princess walks by and asks, “What on earth are you
doing?!” And the pirate responds, ‘I am a sea-turtle laying my
eggs.’ She continues on and the pirate scuttles back into the
ocean and disappears from sight.
Exactly ten weeks later the princess reappears with a silver
basket, woven with unicorn hair, troll-beard, dinosaur mane
and dragon ear-hair. She kneels down, builds a little fire, takes
out a book and begins to read. A few hours pass and the wood beneath
the flames begins to rumble. She brushes the fire aside, packs the
book away and waits.
From the sand appeared 34 tiny pirates, literally, little, fully
matured humans, with patches over their right eyes. The princess
is heart-warmed by this sight, she’s an understanding type and
promptly states, in the softest of voices, ‘Please form a line and
take off those eye patches; you are not blind in one eye, that’s
only a superficial inheritance. They do as she requests, then
they all ask in unison, “And these parrots and wooden legs??”
She responds, ‘Oh, no, those are for real.’


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