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April 23, 2017 | | Comments 0

I Have Not Forgotten You Nature

April 23, 2017

I have not forgotten you Nature,
Then there’s this placement where I hardly recognize
anything to hold onto and claim as ‘I am” and that
cognition of wilted reasonableness, there’s that oddly
shattered plate that reveals its truer beauty in pieces
rather than by a whole-certain antique-china-something…

And a heavy jasmine wall built by heavier hands holding
up an ever surprised heart of hearts weeping while
surrounded by lavender spirits and quicksand, its stones
deteriorating at the base of the Mississippi’s beard that’s
sway-floating in itself, ripple after ripple, footprints inside
sidewinders having danced all day long under a nameless
comet’s high noon tail’s song ~

Falling felled quelled and scolded beyond forgiveness
and lips sweeter melding molding bottomless wells,
Scrabble and ramble, treetops and sugarplum rhino-sandals,
jaguar pelvis and hippotamus sexual levels twinkling
sweating bevels and how this all came to one pivot point,
where symbols collide with Reality’s heartbeat, while dreams
bathe in the blood of The Dead’s heartaches, stomachaches and
baskets of forgotten talking headaches, as skeletons dance on
the outskirts of full moon meadows and fawns bringing apple
seeds to vacant canyons yearning for sweetness,
Dance, crippled soul, inside your failing eyesight and
imagination’s unanswered questions, lick the flame, freeze the
artifact that’s smiling as fiction, this dictionary on fire,
this notorious crimson French kiss going deeper than
tongue-roots and genital-philosophy…

Marked and marking, blessed and caressed
by seasons folding in upon themselves, sediment
to séance, marriage to black carriage, beast to East
and werewolf to ‘were are you going so late at night?’,

You say ‘wait’ and I reply “How heavy?”
You say ‘come in’ and I reply “I’m the black
panther curled as the onyx-twins making up the
retinas of your eyes” and you scoff, laugh,
chuckle and grin, as if fairies were my only
logical friends…

Here, take this thing called DNA and sing me a song
that’s never yet existed but can somehow become from
nowhere and be fathered and mothered as a song-child
or a haunting orphan, stalking its musician from the depths
of an unresolved conscience,
Identical-twin black jaguars uncurling and stretching their
hunter and huntress limbs, picking up the scent of the
jungle’s Gardener’s long overdue mortality…

At the edge of every desert, legions of fairy transition-
housing stands, glowing with silence and storytelling,
dreams coming true and swelling with miraculous births,
Mary was one of billions upon trillions squared to infinity,
Why worship a snowflake when you’re an Ocean suffering
from amnesia?

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