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June 14, 2017 | | Comments 0

I Made My Way To You

June 14, 2017

I made my way to you,
I sat in your rose filled forests, climbed the amber
mountains and swam your dolphin patterned lakes,
I built ships for armored Vikings, fed them their first
taste of blitzkrieg, whispering the hourglass to commence
its let-go of that paradoxically poised rage and passion from
seashell to hummingbird mating-rites, changed their infants’
cloth-diapers and built waterfalls in their dreams to place
your blazing, encompassing forgiveness under so to make
clouds of steam,

And as these great white puff-balls moved across the
prairie ways, I was that black-dyed wolf that howled, stirring
the dead to take hold of their coffin-shovels and dig skyward,
Upon making it to the surface, they stood, awestruck
that eyesight required not-a-thing inhabiting their sockets,
Finally, full circle, now they really knew that Death breathes
in earnest too…
I walked and walked, I stalked and ate the young and the old,
I drew springs from granite and a planet’s worth of seeds from
where only salt mines moaned,

As I swam from solar system to solar system, the black washed
off and Space was born, stars dripped off the clearing of my
vision and my heart split open revealing chains of nuclei and
atoms silently inspiring,
For awhile I simply wore an enveloped feeling as the totality
of myself till a pair of hands took hold of my outer edges and
tugged on what proved to be a flap,
From within me a letter was pulled, I felt my insides touch sub-
tropical air for the first time,
When I heard someone reading by candlelight to a room full
of orphans, I understood what I had become, a fairytale book,
gold bound and pouring out upon the termite infested
floorboards diamonds and rubies as each page’s dream

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