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September 22, 2017 | | Comments 0

In The Realm Of Forgiveness

September 21/22, 2017

In the realm of Forgiveness forests exchange places
with marshlands, mosses with stones, Judges with hung-
juries, breakable with unbreakable,

Tulips ride turquoise gopher-soul-boats into the waterfalls
of shedding form, color, definition and cumbersomeness,
Twilight doesn’t battle with moonlight, they caresses in
full circle firelight,

Deep in the jungle a baby cries,
On the edges of a sandy foam beach an elderly woman
weeps as the grains of Time solidify in her hands, forming
a wine glass for drinking the blood she’s given to Prosperity,
Wisdom, Continuance and Fortitude,

A planet is born as she transpires, a double-helix alphabet
manifests on the skin of its fiery core in unison with her
memorializing exhale, solely and uniquely dedicated to her,
the un-secreted ‘her’, the formless presence that’s beheld
every wrinkle-birth, saying nothing, since words cannot
replace heartfelt surrender,

Rainbows reach to Black,
Sugar deep-kisses Salt,
Pepper wears garlands of lavender, jasmine, rose, watercress
and white buffalo skin, dancing through a valley of quietly
crackling funeral pyres, vaporizing hawk feathers,
doomsday scenarios vomiting their self-projections back into
their ownership of a lonely, part-unintentional advertisement
of self-worth-waivering,
Trust hollows out an ebony-rhino horn and calls the foxes
forward to consume the overabundance of feral cat-cries
prior to deep Winter’s howling monumental clasp, Autumn
bows in humble appreciation with its headdresses dripping
of rustling leafs upon the Snow-queen’s palace steps,

Raspberry princesses wed the Granite-clan’s princes,
Solid, immortal sweetnesses are born and the world whom
holds space for these gestations reclines into the slumber-
breathe of a thousand King Kong’s never challenged for their
ability to be that big, that boldly self-realized and dedicated
to the muscular garden tending to Life itself, shimmering
brighter than a sun composed of diamonds, rubies, purple
pearls and god-eyes wide open upon a kaleidoscopic Fortune-
teller of ever-multiplying arms, legs, sexes and eyes blinking
Imagination into Reality’s touchability and fathomable homes.

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