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September 25, 2017 | | Comments 0

I Close My Eyes

September 25, 2017

I close my eyes, clear away all thought-songs,
A forest avenue opens up, I don’t take it, it’s a
thought wearing an earthly disguise,
I pull down a meteorite bolt of fabric and begin
cutting out squares, triangles, circles and ovals,
I hear the laughing sisters of Time, I see them
sowing illusion to gospel, gospel to the dying,
hopes to catastrophes, bird-beaks to hippopotamus
corpses, telling jokes to the cold hearted and
sipping dungeon-wine with freed psychopaths,

The sun rises and warms my face, I’m comfortably
encased in soft iron filaments, bonded together by
attraction and rhymes & reasons I trust I don’t need
to understand in order to be beneficial and reap a
nesting peacefulness deep down and superficially,

The sun sets, nocturnal kindred roam around me,
nibble on the glass that was created by the impact
of my metallic cocoon, I’m neither caterpillar or
butterfly, not a soul or a player in spiritual orchards,

From the corner of my eye a ladybug is seen making
love to a lioness, it winks at me, I didn’t know they
could have eyelids; the lioness’s womb swells far ahead
of Evolution’s timeline and births a red-black-dotted-
winged-clawed meaning, I close my eyes and breathe
into Imagination’s instrument shop, I see a snow
covered, fairy-King tuning a dinosaur-bone guitar
whose strings are stranded & stretched taunt nebulae,
I exhale and inhale, I hear a hummingbird pulling at a
cattail for supplies and I smile; it must be Springtime.

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