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November 17, 2017 | | Comments 0

Let Me Tell You A Story

November 17, 2017

Let me tell you a story ~

It was an early December morning and you told me to
come out and smell the flowers,
I touched the walls, I touched the floor and ceilings of a
great earthen vessel that contained me, I’m a retired Genie,
smoke-free, a quandary to Nature and stem-cell research,

I stepped out into a jungle covered in snow and met you,
a deaf musician and amnesiac ventriloquist,
You smiled at me from beneath a frozen pond,
From the ice I took in the scented petals, the spider
monkey howls and the wish fulfilled that I’d become
stardust in your hair,

The moon conjoined with the sun as I watched all the
planets march into it, your solar purse, including the one
I and your reflection were on, I watched as my bottle
dissolved and formed new nebulae, astrology and alien
biological seams alongside Eternity’s ever expanding
lace night-dress,

I stood and wandered without footsteps, gravity, air
or command, no thoughts, no reasons to be, simplicity
became a City of pure diamond and gold, I called up
the songs of gods and goddesses and heard but one
sound, a cell dividing, then another and another…
It would come to pass that I’d also hear you singing
and turned to understand, found my head was hollow
and inside it found that a red rose was turning round
and round,

You pushed up on the pond’s ice-lid, lifting it off in
one piece, sat it upon four great boulders, covered it
in fine linen, set two plates, a candle, silverware and
wine glasses, called me to join you as Space itself
poured into the goblets, two white swans pulling an
avalanche off Mt. Olympus like a sheet, cut it in half
and offered it as our napkins, we ate Time, Was and
That, we ate Past, Future and Now, we ate I, This and
Where, Why and How, dessert was Silence, Peace as
hollow weeping willows danced with granite chestnuts
pouring from their owl-nest-entrances,

The sun dimmed, expanded… I heard a door creak
open, a watch-face fall off and a Grandfather clock
tilt over to check a new fissure in its abandoned
mansion, I felt the Truth, I felt the Lie, I felt the Love
and I felt the blank breathing Sky’s warm eyes firmly
set within your palms’ twin beating hearts,

Queen of Passion, Empress of Sexuality, Redeemer of
the Impossibly sinful, Mother of Radiance and elliptical
Grace, Sister of Forever and Daughter of Dangerous
and Genius Forgiveness, Grandmother of Change, Chance
and Cloudy days reflected in the eyes of old yellow labs
wandering aimlessly in meadows of daisies, tulips, daffodils
and white sage blooming…

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