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January 23, 2018 | | Comments 0

Solar System #345.45.67.H44.555

January 23, 2018

Some spiritual voices speak in absolutes,
Some crush Pan-flutes in oppositional, ‘peaceful’ disarray,
Some say it ‘this way’ or ‘that sway’, placing exclamations
at the end of their revelations, yet, The Story could have an end
for him, her, it or them, but they do not speak for me, the other
hims, hers or yours…

Fireflies surrounded by water lift off into the air to swallow
Reverse by going forwards,
Suns rise because their child-planets play round-n-round, a
game to silent music,

We weep, we laugh confused, we hold more than one direction
while going twice as slow as gullibility allows, defying laws
yet to be written, though once noticed, prayers pretend they
were dreams, never actually lived, but the conscience knows
better, nightmares too; rainbows don’t show white or black
because they’re the hues of its inner-core-geode souls,

A kitten crawls and laps from the full moon’s smiling
face of eternally fresh cream, compliments of solar system
An old dog howls into the quiet face of the new moon,
compliments of solar system #345.45.67.H44.555.1/30,
The porch creaks with cessation, termite gestation and
footprints of ghosts assigned to newborns standing in line
for retired keepsakes and re-remembered heirlooms,

Thunder strikes the gold-leafed kite,
Electrified it hurls apart its heart shaped, tethered diamond
whatchamacallit thin-skin-self so to lay to rest flight,
wonder, dreams and fun, in exchange for a new song so to
rekindle its gestation-orbit again and again, differently,
yet related, unique, yet familiar and felt as necessary,

Coal-swan-ink plumage eyes,
The hammer of Thor,
The décor of a hundred crying wives,
The dried up bee hives and severed candle by a flaming
blade made of snow flakes and golden hay…

The boy-man, the girl-woman, the crucified wrinkles of Time,
The wherewithal of doing nothing and a lot of it…
Voices under the skin, connecting the dots at the desk set for
the eye of the Hurricane named ‘Somberdrum’.

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